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Human resource management is a part of organization that is responsible for all of the employees in the organization. It is an essential part in the organization, because the way the HR manage the employees influences their behavior, which will also affect the organization success (Delaney & Huselid, 1996). However, most of today's organizations perceive employee as their "resource" (Blodget, 2013). While in fact, the employees are people, vital assets in the organization who need their very human needs provided by the organization itself (Nankervis & Ananthram, 2013). Therefore, in line with Brown, Metz, Cregan, and Kulik (2009) research, HR department is responsible to manage their employees as effective as possible by providing the right policies and practices that will meet employees' needs, thus contribute to the organization's performance and mission. This essay will analyze critically on how and why people are of value to organization based on the model, concepts, and assumptions of Harvard / SHRM model. Besides, it will also discuss how each model can contribute to company success through valuing and managing its employees.Employees are the most valuable thing as they are the people who can add value to the organization through their performance, creativity, and also commitment (Druker, White, Hegewisch, & Mayne, 2010). Most of the organizations, such as IBM are having diverse employees in order to be globally innovative to suffer in the global market place. Identifying external and internal environment such as generation differences (Mountford, 2013), women in the workplace (Metz, 2011), and also the strategy of the organization itself (Boxall & Macky, 2007), will help HR manager to identify the most effective operational structure in providing the necessary support (Brown, Metz, Cregan, & Kulik, 2009). An assumption by Griffiths (1999) is that both younger and older worker has the same perceptions regarding their work life. However, this statement is argued by Mountford (2013) who stated that having different job designs or rewards are essential to retain the older worker (who has more experience, productivity, and loyalty), and also be competitive for the young worker (who is believed to have more creativity and higher skill). It is proven by a longitudinal study of 1775 Dutch workers that as the age increases, intrinsic values related to work (such as non-material aspects, work that allows self-expression, variety, and autonomoy) will also increases, while extrinsic values (such as material aspects of work including salary and promotion) are more likely to decrease (Murray & Syed, 2005). Thus, various HR policies and practices are needed based on the age-group. In addition to age, whether the organisation is large or small will also determine if there is a need of different HRM practices and policies. According to Boxall and Macky (2007), different practices and policies of HRM is more needed in large...

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