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We’ve looked at work from many different views in this class. From the bottom in Mike Roses book, Mind at Work which looks at the, on the jobsite skills and intelligence needed in the work force. Along with the way our society and education play a role in that. And then there was the middle working class view by journalist and author Barbara Ehreinch and her book Nickel and Dimed, which saw a middle class person look at the low wage lifestyle of Americans, and her failed attempt to live off wages. It ended up very one sided and controversial since it was a wealthier person trying to look in on a subject they could never understand. But one thing that I never really felt or saw either one ...view middle of the document...

In this collection of several articles, it’s said that it’s a good easy and educational read by reader’s reviews and comments on many websites. And since it’s written an brought to us by the people of the Harvard Business Review it is seriously backed by sometime more than enough research an qualifications. From reading three of these articles I have to agree as a college student that could read this as an assignment, the ideas and purpose the authors are trying to get across are easily written in the simple essay forms and structure. Which for you as the teacher can easily make assingments out of do to this factor.
Many of the authors in the different articles, share ideas that have been talked about in this class. So this would be a good idea to elaborate using these to expand those areas a little more. In the article by Daniel Goleman, “What makes a Leader?”, Goleman talks about the IQ and skills that are important. But the real deal breaker in being a great leader is the factor of emotional intelligence. Goleman talks about five components of emotional intelligence at work, which are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skill. Which the combination of these produce an effective leader with a high degree to stay cool and level in a leadership role and sore to the top. The idea talked about in this article is also seen in Rose’s book and the point he makes on education and some intelligence is learned in the field and develops people into leaders and teachers.
Henry Mintzberg, talks about there are different types of leaders in the world, an there are two ways to go about it. And that one side may be successful in some occupations, and vice versa. In Mintzbergs article “ Covert leadersip: Notes on Managing Professionals”, Mintzberg follows a artistic director and conductor named Bramwell Tovey. Mintzberg talks that when at one of Tovey rehearsals what he saw, “ I saw a lot of doing then what we conventionally think of as leadership.” What Henry is trying to say is that like in the case of a conductor its better them to be a part of the group then at the top distributing orders. Now you ask why does this matter. Well in the case of the poor leadership characters we heard about in Nickel and Dimed, we think that all these people did was sit and give orders and yelled. That’s not how to lead, but in this article we can get a good idea on how to...

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