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The play starts just outside a party hosted by Veta Louse Simmons and her daughter Myrtle Mae. We soon realize their impatience and somewhat disdain for the behavior of their bother and uncle Elwood P Dowd; you see, Elwood has somewhat of an odd friend, a six-foot tall white rabbit, named Harvey.Veta feeling Myrtle Mae's social life has been stunted enough by Harvey goes to Chumley's Rest, a mental institution to commit Elwood permanently. The nurse explains to her that Veta will have to talk to Dr. Sanderson about her brother. When Veta insists on seeing Dr. William Chumley the head doctor, the Nurse assures Mrs. Simmons, very vigorously that "Dr. Sanderson is wonderful "¦ to the patients." Suggesting that she thinks of him more than a professional. The nurse leaves the room. Dr. Sanderson comes in and starts discussing the placement of Elwood in the sanatorium, after a short emotional interview with Veta, in which she divulges that she sees Harvey sometimes, he decides she not Elwood is the one that needs to be in Chumley's Rest. So they go through the motions of getting her in and him out, and a few minutes later Dr. Sanderson and the Nurse are apologizing profusely Elwood in the reception area. Elwood again showing his great people skills understands and maybe mistakes the gist of the conversation, and invites the two to drink with him, (apparent by now this is his favorite pastime). Dr. Sanderson explains to Dr. Chumley that they locked the wrong person up. Mrs. Chumley enters and reminds her husband of a cocktail party. The doctors and nurse exit to take care of Mrs. Simmons. Elwood enters; a conversation then ensues between Elwood and Mrs. Chumley in which Elwood tells her about Harvey. As Elwood leaves she promises to tell Harvey to meet him. Moments later the doctors come back discuss the situation with Mrs. Chumley and figures out they messed up for real this time.The next scene opens with Judge Gaffney and Myrtle discussing Elwood's potential and house. They obviously weren't paying attention to each other. Veta stumbles in, they discuss shortly what has happens, and then she goes up to her room. Myrtle goes to get a picture of Elwood's, while she is gone Dr. Chumley and Wilson the orderly come in looking for Elwood. Myrtle comes back with the picture. They all leave. Elwood comes in and hangs sets up the previously concealed painting (of him and Harvey). Elwood exits. Veta and Dr. Chumley come down, the Dr. notices the picture Veta does not, they discuss it, when Veta sees it and flips. They realize he has been there, he calls, the Dr. goes to Charlie's looking for Elwood.Elwood, apparently unaware that everyone is looking for him, shows up at the sanatorium to fulfill his date with Dr. Sanderson and the nurse, they grill him about the whereabouts of Chumley (He left four hours ago). He comes very apprehensive and demand Wilson to lock the door.Everyone is here! They want to give Elwood formula 977 to make Harvey go away....

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