Has Social Media Affected The Life Of Teenagers?

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We are living the 21st century and one of the things that has influenced this era a great deal is the increase of technology. Things like smartphones, computers, laptops and iPhones have become a big part of our lives. With this technology comes the internet, texting, tweeter, Facebook, Instagram etc. These things play a big role in the lives of today’s teenagers, but have these things impacted the teenagers in a positive way or a negative way? Have things improved or hurt the lives of teenagers? Has social media and texting improved or hurt the lives of teenagers. It is my belief that these things have hurt the teenagers in our society today. In this essay I will be discussing the main ...view middle of the document...

Many teens usually spend sleepless nights on social media, usually without the knowledge of their parents. The disruption of sleep has had negative effects on the teens. It has led to cases of insomnia, mood swings, lack of focus at school and has increased obesity just to mention a few. Other studies have also show that the use of social media may cause obsessive-compulsive behavior, depression, generalized and social anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, introversion, and other maladaptive behaviors. These are some of the serious negative effects of social media on teenagers and issues that are increasing with teens often addicted to Facebook.
Social media has become an effective and practical place for paedophiles. Social media sites, such as Facebook and tweeter have made it easy for paedophiles and other sex offenders to disguise themselves and fake their identities. Paedophiles have become one of the biggest issues that associate with social media, with countless headline stories around Australia and abroad regarding this issue. Facebook, tweeter and other social network sites are easy places to gather information about someone and it makes it easy for paedophiles and other criminals to fake their identities and make you think they are somebody else.

Teens have a texting language that is all their own. The language includes abbreviated words and sentences. These shortened versions of English are making their way into teen’s schoolwork. A study by the Media Effects Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University discovered that...

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