Has Culture Enhanced Or Hindered My Freedom Of Choice

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How has my culture enhanced or hindered my freedom of choice? First I ask myself “What is culture to me?”. My definition of culture would be common thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are carried from one generation to the next. Then I ask “What is freedom of choice?” When I think of the expression “freedom of choice”, I think of an individual going through life making choices as they please. I, being that individual, do make my own choices but the more I think about it the more I realize that the choices I make are actually influenced by many factors in my life. The way I was brought up as a child, my religious background, growing up African American in a stable environment with the support of both parents’, my parents’ habitual acts, and my own personal experiences. All of these factors I would consider them to be part of my culture. Therefore, I guess it is safe to say that my decision-making or “freedom of choice” is definitely affected by my cultural background.
One example of how my culture has enhanced my freedom of choice is my upbringing. As a child and even to this day I have witnessed my parents’ and other members of my family work very hard to survive. So I choose to better myself and further my education so that I wouldn’t have to work hard or even harder to provide for my family. By improving myself, I see how my culture has enhanced my freedom of choice immensely. Therefore, I have made a decision that will help me in the future. I was raised in a home where both of my parents were present. That informed me at a young age how important family is. Therefore, for my two daughters I desire them to develop in a home that is balanced with both parents as well.

Another example of how my culture has enhanced my freedom of choice would be my religious background. I grew up in a Christian home, attended church regularly, and I attended a Christian school. This religious background laid a foundation for me to stand. When I make decisions, I most certainly consider my religious background. The positive influences that I have grown accustom to as a...

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