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Has Technology Changed Our Lives For The Better Or Worse?

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Kaylee Spong
IBMS year 1

What about Technology?
Every day I have to press a little button on a small remote controller so the gate at home opens by itself. It seems normal nowadays, but twelve years ago I had to step out of the car to open the gate by myself. I am now 20 years old and I have seen technology flashing through my eyes throughout the years. When I was in primary school I used to play with sand, ride bicycles or create my own games. Internet, smart phones, Facebook and Google were words that did not appeared in my vocabulary until some years ago. Even tablets were just medicines and not a computer device that looks like a small flat screen. Technology is getting modern day by day. People are always connected to something that is related to technology, such as the internet, social media, television or smart phones. It is very difficult to imagine life nowadays without technology. But does technology make life more convenient? Or was life better when it was simpler? In this essay I will fall in with these two questions about technology?
Firstly, children that are born in the twentieth century have the chance to do their schoolwork with help from the internet. My parents for example did not had the chance to surf on the internet when they were in school. All the information they had to gather for their projects were just the ones they had read from a book or by doing lots of interviews face to face with people. The Y generation can use the internet such Google for research and even You Tube to look at a documentary for their biology class. Most importantly, all the things we do not know easily can be searched on the unlimited network. When you type in for what you are looking for, the internet gives you more than thousand related results for your research. The internet gives you the chance to explore the world, but this does not turn out well sometimes. The children nowadays are stimulated by the internet to look at indisposed sites where they can explore certain things with their self or friends. Furthermore they are stimulated not to read books more often, because you can find everything on Google. You can find lots of summaries

of almost all kinds of books on the...

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