Has Technology Destroyed Social Bonds? Essay

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Has Technology Destroyed Social Bonds?
Remember when we used to communicate via “snail mail” or phone calls. It could take weeks to get a reply from an important associate possibly working overseas, or reach a family member in a time of crisis. Luckily for us technology has made such things as easy of a simple swype (android typing tool). Because of today’s technology keeping in touch with literally anybody is user friendly. Think of all the deployed soldiers’ video chatting face-to-face with their missed loved ones, people texting their parents while away at college. Technology has answered our yearning to connect and stay connected with othersSocial bonds indeed have been forever changed. ...view middle of the document...

One of these other possible communication tools is the famous Facebook.
If veterans simply aren’t available or aren’t up to a video chat they can use Facebook to stay connected with or message loved ones. Out of the United States current population of 319 million, there are 133,518,980 Facebook users. This means 42% of the US population uses Facebook. If the same formula is applied to the number of active duty military (1,429,995) it means at least 600,597 military members use Facebook to stay connected. That’s an empowering number that is yet, not enough.
In recent developments in technical infrastructure, Skype has been introduced to the Classroom. Skype’s Public Relations Executive, Jacqueline Marshall recently announced “Over 13,500 teachers are using Skype in the Classroom to find other teachers and classroom to partner with.”
Teachers are using Skype to reach out to other instructors to create group learning environments or to fulfill special needs. This approach has successfully been used to teach disabled students and incorporate diverse cultures right in each other’s classrooms. Skype has successfully made teaching and learning much easier for disabled children requiring special accommodations or even who learn from home.

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