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Has The Internet Done More Harm Than Good

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Has The Internet Done More Harm Than Good

The topic on Has The Internet Done More Harm Than Good is important because it has been debated about countless times and is still ongoing. There are hundreds of reasons backing both sides’ arguments. The Internet is such an important place; it builds bridges to other countries and people but also destroys people's lives. Over 80,000 people are affected by phishing scams. The governments of our countries use it to spy and gather information on people; everyone everywhere uses it.

On the Global scale it isn’t a question on whether the internet has done good or bad because it is so dearly required, the world would simply not go ...view middle of the document...

Anything that could upset the population and cause riots and disturbances, the government uses it more for practicality than anything else. The government also doesn't want its population to know the truth about the country and also what's going around the world. If the population heard about the way the government was conducting things on a daily basis compared to other governments it could cause stress within China. The Chinese government tends to ban any music that preaches about the type of things that are happening in the country or criticizing the things that the government are doing.

The invention of the Internet has vastly changed the way in which people search and access information. News travels faster and more efficiently than ever, and worldwide problems and news can be discussed all around the globe instantaneously via, blogs, forums and social websites like Facebook. Many people also maintain social links with family and friends on sites such as Skype, Facebook etc. Research in the UK has shown that the average adult spends around 22 hours and 15 minutes online each month. Some believe the Internet is dominating the lives of teenagers and it is unhealthy to be on constantly, whereas others have cheered the internet because it increases the possibility to research and explore places that may have never been discovered. It also allows outcasts in far and distant places to communicate with one and other

Within smaller communities, The Internet has brought so much more simplicity and comfort to the population and many think it has done much more good than bad. It provides people who naturally would not a be able to go out even if they want to either because they don't want or because they are physically disabled in a constricting way to. If you wanted to you could go shopping purchase things without leaving their homes. It offers an simpler path to obtain knowledge and to complete research from your home or more amazingly, your bed. It provides jobs for those who are physically disabled. It helps save people by making stores compete against each other on a completely different battlefield. It provides a source of entertainment that can be obtained for free and with speed. And, it also allows people to keep in touch with old friends and network with new relationships in business. However the Internet has made a lot of supposedly up and "ready to go" people lazy. They can do everything online they can pay their bills online, shop online, play online, and talk online.... so they do not ever have to leave their computers therefore constricting them to a home. It has created complications on social...

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