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Has Traditionally Been Defined As The Illegal Hunting, Killing Or Capturing Of Wild Animals, Usually Associated With Land Use Rights.

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Everyone knows about animals going extinct, but do they know why? There are three main reasons for animals to disappear or to go extinct. The biggest reason is the black market and the trade of animals illegally. Another reason is the loss of habitat, and also poaching animals for prize, which are both caused by humans. The Black Market happens in most of Asia. Although poaching and loss of habitat happens all over the world, which the animals die in almost every circumstance. Most animals are kept in very poor conditions when they are transported. All the main reasons are killing animals, most people find the black market to be the most devastating.
Many people know about the black market, but many do not know how devastating it can be on an animal population. If animals are all being taken out of their natural environment, then they are not going to do good. Many people want to own exotic animals and to have their fur which can be worth a large sum of money. To get animals to the final destination they need to be smuggled. “Animal smuggling is second only to drug smuggling as a major international illegal business” (Black Market). So one can see that animal smuggling is not just a part time job. The techniques to smuggle these animals are very odd and most put the animals in harms way. “Many of the smuggled animals to do not make it” (Black Market). Most of the smugglers do not care about the animals and are just worried about the money. “A 60-70% death rate is not unusual” (Black Market). Many of the animals are very sick with many types of different diseases because they are not legal. Even when the animals get to the destination they do not live very long being sick. “It was a shock to the animal health” (Inside…). The black market has a very large effect on the animal population, although the Black Market is bad, the loss of animal habitat is also a huge effect.
The loss of habitat can be caused by many different things, it can be caused by humans destroying the land for use, or they can be destroyed by natural disasters such as wildfires, disease, and earthquakes. Humans are number one, in habitats being destroyed, because the humans like to expand what they have and do not usually care about the animals homes they are destroying. People also have to use resources such as wood, water, or oil which means they need to expand. “The danger to most species results from destruction of their habitats” (Endangered). Thousands of species have already been wiped off of the face of the planet at the cause of humans. Many animals do not see the change coming so they do not have time to adapt to the situation. “The predominant cause of species loss is habitat destruction” (Birds Going…). Humans are also a very polluting species which can cause many complications to the animal world. People also have accidents which make the animals pay the price, for example an oil spill can just make many animals sick and die. Also global warming is playing a key...

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