Has Wal Mart Gone To Far? (Capitalism)

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What comes to mind when I think of Wal-Mart? That vile smiley face and the kind, elderly folk who will hand you your grocery cart. When I do shop at Wal-Mart its generally to find every day items, such as tape, glue, school supplies, toys, and sometimes electronics. Though I rarely ever shop there, simply because its to much of a drive to get to the nearest Wal-Mart. I also think about my sister, who worked as an assistant manager at the Super Wal-Mart in Greeley off 11th, and how quickly she went from being a cashier to handling inventory and earning commission on selling cell phones to consumers. The last ?idea? that it does conjure up for me is the notion of capitalism. Wal-Mart is the living proof of what capitalism can do.Let?s introduce some facts about the American economical system: we are a capitalist society, with exception of certain sectors, consumers are supposed to determine what products survive and products die in the market. Wal-Mart has become successful because they reached a niche market, they can sell clothing, batteries, milk, food, electronics, etc? for cheaper prices then their competitors. This is simply the result of them becoming such a large company and the types of products they sell (for instance, selling clothing made in China cuts their overhead costs). Wal-Mart is the epitome of our society; we are a capitalist society! They have struggled from a few stores to chains all across the world because they simply followed the rules of capitalism. They benefit our society by helping keep costs of every...

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