Hatchet: A Wooded Journey Essay

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Hardships, Triumphs, and Failures in Paulsen’s Hatchet
Brian’s Adventure in the woods was full of many triumphs as well as failures. Though any triumph in the woods is a great one, many of Brains success’s meant life or death to him.
As soon as Brian crawls out of the water, one triumph is evident. He has survived the plane crash. He survived flying through the thousands of trees in the forest and landing in the lake. Another triumph that is not as evident at this time is that Brian still has the hatchet his mother gave him before he left for the trip to Canada. That Hatchet will soon become a staple in his survival, and an essential tool to Brian. (Fisher n.p.)
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Soon after this, Brian made another discovery that would sustain his life throughout the rest of his time in the woods. He discovered the lake had fish in it. Brian’s first few attempts at catching fish did not go well, but after many tries and strategies he was able to spear a fish and prepare an actual meal for himself that night.(Bressler n.p.)
There were many First’s after that. There was first meat day, when Brian caught his first fish, and then on another day when Brian was able to spear and cook the first Foolbird. Then he had his first Rabbit day, when he killed and ate his first large rabbit, which had juicer meat than the fish or the foolbirds. After Brian’s experience with the moose and the tornado that destroyed his shelter and most of his tools, he found that the storm was a blessing. The strong winds had lifted the tail of the plane above the surface of the lake, and Brian was able to use his tools to retrieve a rescue pack from the inside of the plane, which contained food and cooking supplies as well as a hunting rifle, and an emergency transmitter that would eventually lead to Brian’s rescue. Brian ate the food from the pack for days, until he found that the food he hunted for in the woods was somehow better than the food he got from the plane.(Bressler n.p.) On Brian’s fifty-fourth day living alone in the wilderness, a Cree airplane pilot received the signal...

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