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The Transvall Saga

The setting in this story is out in the desert on an old missile range. This story takes place during the afternoon on a desert-hiking trip. The setting is vital to the story because this is where a major event takes place. The story could not have taken place anywhere else. Because in order for the major event to take place to set the story in motion the main character must be bitten by a snake, and there aren't snakes that bit in a lot of different locations.

Here is the plot of the story. A boy is on a hiking trip in the desert all by himself. He is about to go to bed when he is awakened by a bright, iridescent beam of bluish white light that seemed to be projected at the ground from somewhere in the sky. As the boy is examining the beam of light from the top of a large boulder he is bit by a rattlesnake, which throws him off balance and causes him to fall into the beam of light. The beam transports him to another time on what appears to be another planet. As he searches for a pathway back to his own time on Earth, he must make a new life in a new world. His encounters with primitive tribes bring the joy of human bonds, but violence and war as well and, finally, a contest in which he discovers his own startling powers.

The main character is a boy named mark. He is a thirteen years old boy with short brown hair. He has a serious personality but is very interesting. A conflict that Mark faces is trying to survive in the wild in what appears to be a new world. He eventually learns to survive and even makes some good friends to. Mark learned many new survival techniques that I could even use in the wild today. During the story Mark changes from a boy to a strong tough man also he grows to know and understand the people and environment around him. Mark is very realistic so realistic that sometimes I even pictured my self as being him in this new place. If I...

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1303 words - 5 pages , sarny, alida's song, the transall saga, the christmas sonata, the rifle, the tent. the schernott discoveries, GUTS, the beet fields, tuckets home, curse of the ruins, danger on midnight river, escape from fire mountain, canoe days, the white fox chronicles,On May 17, 1939 a famous writer was born. His name was Gary Paulsen. At a young age Paulsen developed a love for reading. At 14 years of age Paulsen ran away from home and traveled with a

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1194 words - 5 pages popular book, Hatchet, a story of a young boy named Brian who lands a plane after the pilot dies from a heart attack and must survive in the remote wilderness alone, reflects some of Paulsen’s real life experiences when he used to answer emergency calls and deal with many heart attack victims (Paulsen 2). The plane crash in Hatchet was also created by Paulsen after he was on the scene of a plane crash were the pilots died (Paulsen 7). Gary

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1032 words - 5 pages learn to use anything you can to get you by. Paulsen has a way to make you feel part of the book. He is a very intense writer who brings your inner thoughts and feelings alive. Paulsen has a desire to tap deeply into the human spirit and to encourage readers to observe and care about the world around them. Nothing can be more American than that. Sullivan 4 WORKS CITED Trelease, Jim. “Gary Paulsen-Author Profile”. 18

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871 words - 4 pages learned how to live with and among the animals and plants in his temporary environment, and came out on the other end a better man. Work Cited Fisher, Margery. "Review of Hatchet." Growing Point 28.4 (Nov. 1989): 5234-5239. Rpt. in Children's Literature Review. Detroit: Gale. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 14 Jan. 2014. Paulsen, Gary. Hatchet. ClassNet. PDF. Bressler, Jean. "Have Hatchet Will Survive." The ALAN Review 18.3 (Spring 1991

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