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HATE Hate is not a word easily defined. It is a word, which stems from the deepest roots of evil, and shows its dreaded face upon those who hold it in replacement of their insecurities. It is one embellished in un-just values and immoral teachings. One that is so untrue and unrealistic, that some might believe it to be the reality because of its inconceivability to those pure of heart. Or is that truly the definition? Could hate be a dream, more of a nightmare, but not the reality nonetheless. Is it possible that this "hate" is a myth which is none more than a front for another word... Envy. This envy is one which, when thrown to the top of the volcano spews out this lava ...view middle of the document...

A feeling of jealousy of the freedoms, which the people in this land enjoy and prosper in. A disbelief in the power of all that is good in this world, and all that is right is what made the envious conduct such destruction to the core of humanity. There is a way to defeat this hatred, or jealousy, or whatever word caused such a massacre and to erase such words from the dictionary of our world. There is a way in which we can lift the soles of those perished to a place where their sacrifices will not go in vain. There is a way. To fight for the values by which this great nation has come to know strength, not only on the battlefield of the military, but in that of the heart. That of the pure soul, the heart that hasn't learned any words as of yet. I speak of the young and the impressionable. By teaching them words like compassion, care and love, and not those few words by which the devil so gladly relishes in. By teaching them that the baby laying in the stroller to the right of him, who might happen to be of darker skin, has the same right to live and to pursue happiness as the one laying to the left of him, who might happen to be of a lighter complexion. This battle will be a hard one, and one which may never be completely won, due to those who are harbored inside the deep word of ignorance, which so proudly shows its face through hate and envy. But as an individual, you can be a soldier in the struggle to rid our lives of such words. So that one day, those who see the word hate will see the reality, and the other words which in at least my thesaurus, are on the same line with it.

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