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Hate Crime Legislation Essay

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Nobody should be attacked for who they are and by having hate crime legislation minorities can be protected. Currently there are forty-nine states that have hate crime laws because they want to protect the rights of minorities. Ninety-five percent of the American states object to hate crimes and show that America takes hates crimes seriously. America does this by addition time to hate crime perpetrator’s sentences because the perpetrator picked their victim because of their physical traits. Picking a victim based on their physical goes against all of the values that America was founded on. These values included protecting the rights of all people, including minorities. With hate crime legislation the FBI and other police agency can for plans on how to prevent hate crimes as well as ways to identify potential perpetrators. Lastly, hate crimes laws will protect victims from being attacked for physical characteristics, which are out of their control. Hate crimes need separate legislation in order to protect minorities’ rights, allow law enforcement to find appropriate ways to prevent hate crimes, and prevent people from being attacked for who they are.
In America everyone was granted the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but hate crimes limit these basic rights. Hate crime legislation is needed to protect these basic rights that are taken away from minorities when a crime is committed against them. Hate crimes go against all of the values that America was created on. On Miramar Beach, Florida Donnie Baker murdered five people, including two children from Chile. Baker had a hatred for immigrants and opened fire on February 26, 2009, and killed five people (Levin). This act is classified as a hate crime because a hate crime is, ‘“a criminal offense committed against a person, property, or society that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin”’ ("Hate Crime”). The five immigrants that Baker killed were no longer able to pursue the rights that were granted to them because of Baker. Baker is one of the reasons why America needs hate crime legislations. America needs to protect the rights of minorities and even the majority and by instituting and enforcing hate crime laws that can be done. The punishment for committing a hate crime is addition time in jail, a fine, or both. In addition to protecting the rights of minorities, hate crime laws also allow law enforcement agencies to find appropriate ways to prevent these horrific crimes.
A 1996 law required the FBI to record the number of hate crimes that were committed in order to gain more knowledge about these crimes. The statistics that the FBI have been collecting for the last seventeen years have allowed them to gain more knowledge about these crimes. From these statistics, the FBI has been able to find many different ways to prevent hate crimes: “Each year, the FBI also provides hate...

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