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Hate Crimes This Essay Is About What Hate Crimes Are, How Often They Happen, And What We Can Do To Help Prevent Them

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Hate CrimesA hate crime is an act of violence, a threat, harassment, or property damage motivated by bigotry and prejudice against the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, or sexual orientation of another group or individual. These acts are not only against the victim(s), but also the particular group as a whole. Hate crimes are very common and often times it is hard to tell whether or not the crime is motivated by hate. I chose this topic because I was watching a TV show call Criminal that told true stories of hate crimes. The one that got me interested was "Punks vs. Preps," there had been an ongoing feud between the two groups, which ended in a teen losing his life. This episode showed one of the many cases of hate crimes that have plagued our nation. Watching it caused me to grow curious about how often these terrible events happened, as well as, what is being done to prevent future breakouts of hate crimes.Many people assume that hate crime offenders are hate-filled Nazi's or "skinheads". But research by a clinical psychologist at the University of California shows that out of 1,459 cases in the span of a year less than 5 percent were members of a hate group ( Most hate crimes are carried out by, seemingly, law-abiding young people who do not think their actions are wrong. Sometimes drugs and alcohol help initiate these crimes, but the main factor appears to be personal prejudice. Personal prejudice is what blinds a person from seeing the wrong in what they are doing. Most times this prejudice comes from an environment that sees differences as threats. The worst hate crimes are often committed by people with a history of antisocial behavior. One of these examples took place in June of 1998 in Jasper, Texas. Three men, with jail records, offered a ride to a black man with a limp. After beating him to death, they dragged him behind their truck until his body was partially dismembered ( to the FBI, about thirty percent of all hate crimes in 1996 were crimes against property. They involved robbing, vandalizing, destroying, stealing, and/or arson. Approximately seventy percent involve an attack against a person. This can range from simple assault (without a weapon) to aggravated assault, rape, and murder. This type of attack has two...

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Hate Crimes Essay

593 words - 2 pages Over the past 10 years there has been a lot of controversy about hate crimes and how the committers should be punished. Some "“ most "“ people say that they should be treated more harshly and others say that they should not be treated harsh. I believe that they should be treated as harsh as they can without torturing them. My first reason is that they should be put in prison just for the smallest hate crime. If they do a crime


1863 words - 8 pages that tormentented them. From what I’ve seen this is the problem with the school shootings these kids are picked on so much that they react the wrong way. Causing hurt on everyone not only themselves and it be to the point where they don’t care who they hurt. I think that more counseling in the schools can help prevent these issues. Because they do occur and by the time we focus in on the problem it’s too late a tragedy has happened. That no one

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1086 words - 4 pages McCall is actually "capable of lashing out" at anyone, regardless of race, color, gender or national origin since his criminal background shows that McCall has in fact been imprisoned before for crimes against men as well as women. Hate crime offenders often have an either/or perspective. Either a person is what they want them to be, or that person is not good enough. Hate crime offenders are egocentric people. They care about themselves and others

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866 words - 4 pages . Some examples are the Ku Klux Klan and Holocaust. The Ku Klux Klan was a organization of whites who primarily targeted african americans according to the Tanenbaum organization. Although they had a primary target, they also killed homosexuals, people who helped african americans, and recently catholics. This is a major example of hate groups extremist committing hate crimes. They target a group of people who are different, and treat them as if they

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661 words - 3 pages coined term “hate crimes” was first used No matter how many different definitions there are for hate crimes but we all can agree that hate crimes are wrong and immoral. But within hate crimes they are many different types of hate crimes. One of the main reasons that people commit hate crimes would have to be because of racial hatred. Racial Hatred is a major factor in hate crimes with African Americans being the main target. According to the FBI

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1589 words - 6 pages national figures and statistics on hate crime offenses. Investigation and control of hate crimes start with the community affected and the officers sworn to protect that community. Even though there are laws in place that help deter hate crimes and protect victims, there are still questionable gaps in the law to be filled. I understand that no law can effectively prevent bigotry; however, hate crime violence can be fought by imposing stricter

Hate Crimes

1156 words - 5 pages . Also, I would think that this law would tie up more court time. If you think about it, there would be more cases popping up all over the place and also what ever case is going to be herd the word, hate, would probably be thrown in there as well which would drag the case out even longer. Maybe, not as much in criminal cases, but more so in civil suites. Look at how “sue happy” the public is now. This law would only add to it. For example, people

Hate Crimes - 859 words

859 words - 3 pages law enforcement to voluntarily report what they believe to be a hate crime and in turn, local officials count on the community and its individuals to report hate crimes. Since only forty states have hate crime laws, it can be assumed that these crimes are under-reported. Out of the forty states that do have some kind of hate crime laws, only eighteen have laws protecting those discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. Who

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893 words - 4 pages . There are still violent acts done out of hate, but the battle has been a lot more words. Hate crimes are a serious problem in today's society.In this paper, three topics will be discussed. (1) What are Hate Crimes, (2) Examples of Hate Crimes, and (3) Reasons for Hate Crimes.Hate Crimes are crimes done out of severe anger, ignorance, and lack of knowledge about other's ideas and beliefs. Racism is a belief that one or more races is superior to

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1541 words - 7 pages , "Lieberman argues that bias crimes call for greater punishment than the underline physical crime for several reasons: they are often more violent than non-bias crimes; they have a unique emotional impact on the victims and they constitute intimidation of entire communities." Where Lieberman is correct is that "greater harm demands greater penalties."It can be implied that any crime committed is actually a hate crime if one really wanted to

Hate Crimes - 707 words

707 words - 3 pages when we enter school. But the prejudice is brought back to us when we meet students who are prejudice, whether we become their friends or their victims of discrimination. Being prejudice upon teaches a person to be prejudice.How a person views something related to racism and hatred, directly reflects on how society has raised them. TheAmerican people do not see the bombing of Iraq and Yugoslavia as a hate crime, because we are told what we want to

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