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According to William Finnegan, author of Cold New World, there are a couple of good reasons that teenagers in the Antelope Valley area become members of white supremacist groups. Many of them are obvious just in reading the book. Peer pressure is the biggest reason given for the youth to join these groups. This means that since their friends are in the group, they should be in it. Another reason is to be protected. Both the Sharps and the NLR's protect themselves and each other. They 'watch each other's backs.' And if you're not in one of these groups, you're bound to get hurt, or looked bad upon. You're reputation might be at stake, so the natural thing to do would be to become part of the in group. No one wants to be an outsider..or part of the out group, so they become affiliated with the in crowd. Then they feel a sense of belonging and security. It all comes down to peer pressure and being regarded as one of us. Another reason that comes to mind is using the group in general as a scapegoat. A person builds so much frustration and anger at something, and instead of going to the gym to vent their anger, they join a gang and let the idea of prejudice guide their anger to let out their emotions. Sonoma County does not have the extent of gangs that Antelope Valley has, thankfully. But if we did. I'm sure that the same type of social interactions, economic conditions, and family actions would be about the same for both areas. The poverty line plays a major role in the economic situation that an area has, and if the poverty line is high, that is , if we have a large population of homeless or misfortunate people, the more trouble we would have. It has been found that high crime rate is associated with how a person lives. If one is poor, and not able to afford...

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940 words - 4 pages Today there are many active hate groups in the United States such as the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi, Skinheads, Christian identity, and the Black Separatists. These hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan, which is one of America’s oldest and more feared, use violence and move above the law to promote their causes. Another example is a group called Christian Identity, who promotes a religion that is mainly racist and anti-Semitic. Another group are the

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883 words - 4 pages Lifeless bodies with slashed throats were found in the mountains of Virginia nearly six years ago. This is quite a disturbing image; the unfortunate result of a hate crime. What exactly is a hate crime? The American Psychological Association defines hate crimes as "violent acts against people, property, or organizations because of the group to which they belong or identify with" (1). The different groups usually involved include homosexuals

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664 words - 3 pages , expresses more insight on the endangerment of certain groups of people. Hate crimes are very similar to crimes because in both offenses, someone is targeting another person with an act of violent behavior or the desire for him/her to die. However, hate crimes contain more anger and motivation to commit the crime, than the actions of regular felonies. The creation of hate crime laws provides restrictions and awareness towards violent criminals to

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593 words - 2 pages second reason has to deal with hate groups. Groups such as the KKK, Black Panthers, NAACP, and the NAAWP claim not to be hate groups but they all have committed hate crimes. These crimes have to be stopped. Over 60% of murders in the USA are black on white; almost all of them are due to racial hate. But white on black hate crimes makes up almost half of all hate crimes. This is really ridiculous because we are all humans and we should not kill each

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999 words - 4 pages everyone is worried for everyone’s and their families safety. Prevention strategies don’t really take place unless an individual, community groups, and government officials are worried by the crime rate. When it comes to hate crimes, the level of alarm is much deeper and often felt after only one incident. There are various ways to prevent hate crimes. The best way to prevent hate crimes is to just educate yourself and your community. You will be

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1557 words - 7 pages important interests of others in which they have a right" (Brink, 121). Although Mill is clear that mere offensiveness is not what constitutes harm, not all psychological harm is inconsistent with the harm principle. Hate speech, especially that which is directed against minority views, intends to stifle expression of the minority view, and prevents the minority groups' opinion from fair consideration. In contrast to merely discriminatory speech

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406 words - 2 pages Hate on the NetWith the occurrence of recent terrorist events in New York, there has been a backlash of hatred towards certain ethnic and religious groups. Images of Palestinians celebrating on the streets after the World Trade Center bombing and angry Americans vandalizing mosques and other Islamic places of worship within our nation have plagued our television following this horrific ordeal. Yet the media has ignored or diverted its attention

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765 words - 3 pages make me against regulation. Gellman asks three questions, those are: ?What are the costs to society as a whole of hate speech laws (which she calls ?ethnic intimidation laws?)? Are there unexpected dangers for ethnic minority groups in the hate speech laws designed to protect them? Do hate speech laws actually achieve their objectives of ?combating bigotry and encouraging equal dignity? ?? (176). My answer to the first question is the cost to

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