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In the novel Hate List Valerie Leftman starts dating a guy named Nick, she feels that he makes her whole life better and she loves how he helps her by distracting her from her parents struggling marriage. One day after being called mean names repeatedly she decides she is going to start a hate list, this list consists of people and things she absolutely hate. When Nick sees it he starts helping her put names on it, soon all Nick and Valerie are talking about is the list and how they want those people dead. But unlike Valerie, Nick actually has intentions of killing those people. One day Nick walks into the school and starts shooting all the people he can find that ate on their list. When Valerie sees this she tries to stop him and jumps in front of the gun and she gets shot, after Valerie did that Nick shoots himself in the head immediately ending his life. Valerie struggles to come to terms with the fact that Nick was not the great guy she thought he was. At the end of the book she and her newly found friend Jessica Campbell have a memorial for all the deaths, and Valerie is finally able to let go of what happened and move on with her life.
The protagonist of this novel is Valerie, Valerie is the protagonist because she is the main person dealing with a huge conflict. Valerie goes from being blind in some ways to what was happening around here to finding herself in the process of dealing with a tragedy. She starts out head over heels in love with the Nick she knew to being able to let go of what happened. This is shown when Valerie says “And I’d gone home and packed, leaving the suitcase open on my bed, next to the horses in the wallpaper, which were- as they’d always been, of course- completely motionless” (405).
The antagonist of the novel is Nick, even though nick killed himself he was still the person who brought the most change to Valerie. When nick was alive Valerie only saw what nick saw she didn’t realize who Nick was really, and she judged the people on only how she saw nick reacting to them, and example is when Valerie says “Um... we didn’t... Nick and I didn’t... we didn’t know... the reality...

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