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Philosophers around the world enthusiastically debate society and its changes, how it can survive and how to mold it. Society, by definition, is the totality of social relationships among humans; never are the words happiness, love, or hatred hinted at. Without the knowledge of any of those emotions they cannot. If societies across the world can survive on love and mercy, another can survive on hatred, power, and victory with the exception of love and devotion for the figurehead of such society.

If there is no experience with love there can be no knowledge of its existence. Love for a dictator/ leader is more like a devotion rather than the passionate, lust love that marriage provokes. ...view middle of the document...

Not me! Julia! Not me!” (286). When at constant threat it is a natural reaction to want to save one’s self. 1984 is a book but North Korea is not far behind with concentration camps not only for the threat but the person’s entire family. Lisa Ling, the narrator says, “There may no longer be a difference between true fear and true love in this country,”. Worst fears are effective ways to make sure that the society stays completely devoted.

As much as an entire country may fear for their lives they have nothing to fear from other places because of their leaders false, constant victory against others. In order to have complete control a dictator must have no weaknesses, it must be public knowledge. Winston, in 1984 is in charge of rectifying misspoken words and lies that Big Brother tells in order to make it seem like his beloved dictator can do no wrong. If a dictator can do no wrong society will trust his or her and give them the power to decide what is best, even if his or her idea of best is complete hatred for others. Big Brother decided there was no need for friendship or love and set in motion a daily practice of “Two Minutes Hate” and “Hate Week” which consists of unifying the country through hate of the underground society called the Brotherhood, run by a man named Goldstein. With constant victory over Oceania’s enemies, society can not help but put its full devotion and love toward Big Brother believing that he will keep them safe.

It is never explicitly stated in 1984 that the Brotherhood did not exist, though evidence proves against the theory of its existence. Those who were supposedly against the party including Winston were not looking for a way out of hatred, only a way out from under Big Brother’s thumb. While O’Brien was interviewing Winston and Julia for the Brotherhood he asked, “You are prepared to cheat, to forge, to blackmail, to corrupt the minds of children, to distribute habit-forming drugs, to encourage prostitution, to disseminate venereal diseases- to do anything which is likely to cause demoralization and weaken the power of the Party,” (172). Winston only replied with one answer, yes. His rebellious mind was not looking for love or happiness, quite the contrary he wanted no “virtue to exist anywhere. I want everyone to be corrupt to the...

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