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Hating Love Essay

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Throughout the history of mankind, the beautiful but oftentimes menacing clutches of love engraves its mark on the lives of people through either happy marriage, or death-like heartbreak, or even a mix of both. As absurd as a death-like marriage may seem, all it takes is some thinking about what may cause something so tragic to occur, for one to grasp the true nature of this beast. Often and always, after love causes death, fingers are pointed and blames are made. In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, die tragic deaths, and the reader is left to wonder who could have caused this tragedy. Although it is true that almost every character in the play could ...view middle of the document...

3.211). Although Romeo would have never thought his impulsiveness would have caused his mother’s death, but he should have considered the consequences because he knew of their family’s feud. Romeo and Juliet’s rash impulses and failure to consider others before their love is a huge chunk of why they caused their own death.
Romeo and Juliet were unable to think and use their minds in their decision making, also leading to their downfall. Without this aspect, the two actually would not have died. Upon seeing Juliet “dead”, Romeo goes on and declares, “Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die” (5.3.120). Even though Romeo obviously was clouded by pain, it should not have stopped him from clearing his mind and thinking things through. Had he waited just another five minutes, thinking of all alternate routes, he would have been saved by the Friar coming, and Juliet would have woken up right next to him. However, driven by impulse, anger, love, and lack of decision making, Romeo kills himself which leads to Juliet’s death as...

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