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Hatred in A Seperate PeaceA man named Norman Vincent Peale once said that, "No one can avoid entirely an inner struggle between love and hate. We are all challenged by it. The question in everyone's life is not whether this feeling of hate and aggression can be done away with, but whether it can be successfully modified." This quote is reflected in John Knowles' novel, A Separate Peace. The hatred in this book is focused inside Gene, the main character. Gene developed hatred and jealousy towards his friend and classmate Finny which is illustrated in the following line: "Finny could get away with anything. I couldn't help envying him...which was perfectly normal. There was no harm in envying even your best friend...a little." Genes' hate and jealousy is uncontrollable and, as he realizes in the end, inevitable.Gene has an uncontrollable hatred that is ever burning inside of him. It can ignite into a blazing inferno one moment or in a flash it can be as calm as a soothing summer day. This hatred is discovered when Gene and Finny are standing atop the oak tree outside of Devon, and are about to make a "double jump" in the river, what happens will be seen in the following excerpt taken from A Separate Peace. "Holding firmly to the trunk I took a step toward him [Finny], and then my knees bent and I jounced the limb. Finny, his balance gone, swung his head around to look at me for an instant with extreme interest, and then he tumbled sideways, broke through the little branches belowSoorma 2and his body hit the ground with a sickening unnatural thud. With unthinking sureness I movie out on the limb and jumped into the river, every trace of my fear of this forgotten." Genes' momentary change from cheerfulness to hateful intent confirms the fact that hatred is uncontrollable. Another example of uncontrollable hatred is when Gene knocked Leper out of his chair. Gene and Leper were talking after Leper had been discharged from the army under Section 8. Leper said to Gene, "...It's you we happen to be talking about now. Like a savage underneath. Like that time you knocked Finny out of the tree." Gene abruptly stood up and kicked Leper of his chair. In both examples confirm the fact that hatred is uncontrollable.It is this same hatred that is also inevitable. The best example of this is the fact that the war, symbolic of hatred, eventually comes down upon Devon. Gene said, "Between the buildings, elms curved so high...

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A Seperate Peace Essay

705 words - 3 pages A Separate PeaceThemes in a novel are the main points that an author is trying to grab, to have the reader make their own assumptions up about the characters. Many themes in the novel A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, are obvious; the characters will usually express these through their actions. On the other hand other themes will be very faint; usually the reader does not catch these, but will make a theory on what the theme could be. Though

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654 words - 3 pages A Separate Peace (rewrite) Relationships are a large part of growing up. Relationships are changing all the time between people. Sometimes the relationships are good, and other times people are not that lucky. In the book Separate Peace the main character, Gene, faces three relationships that change in different ways. His relationship with his friends seems positive at the beginning of the book and he has negative relationships with three

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1177 words - 5 pages ''The more things change, the more they remain the same.''(904) There are many themes presented in the book A Separate Peace, But I think the most meaningful and bold theme in the book is the theme of transformation. The most obvious transformations were that of the main characters, Gene and Finny. Some other characters besides Gene and Finny also had transformations. For most people, transformations occur over a matter of years, or even decades

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828 words - 4 pages A Separate Peace sustains several different conflicts throughout the novel, both internally and externally. The emotions are constantly on a rollercoaster ride, going from happy, sad, then to resentment. Gene and Finny both have conflicting emotions about each other, resulting in diverse thoughts on one another, and issues within the friendship. The internal and external conflict by Gene and Finny are created through jealousy, insecurity, and

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887 words - 4 pages A Separate Peace Essay In the novel, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the protagonist, Gene Forrester “battled” within himself to find “a separate peace” and in this process directed his emotions at Phineas, his roommate. Forrester and Phineas formed the illusion of a great companionship, but there was a “silent rivalry” between them in Forrester’s mind. Self deceptions in Forrester led him to believe that Phineas was “out to get him

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579 words - 2 pages A separate peace "A separate peace" takes place in Devon School, a prep school in New Hampshire. Gene Forrester, the narrator, returns to look at the school grounds fifteen years after he was a student there. Since his last year as a student in 1943, the present Devon of 1958 seems foreign to him. In this book the author has mentioned water many times throughout the book. He talks about two different rivers near Devon High School where the story

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721 words - 3 pages Leper      In the book “A Separate Peace” there are many characters which are talked about and play a role in the story. The main characters Gene and Finny, short for Phineas, are what drive the whole story and are the center of the many themes and meanings derived from this book. Elwin Lepellier also known as Leper-Lepellier is not as visible as Gene and Finny, but plays a role that is essential to the story. &nbsp

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563 words - 2 pages Wilband 1Denise WilbandMs. BowersAdvanced English 1112 August 2014A Separate PeaceWho was Gene's ultimate enemy in the end? In order to determine the enemy that Gene killed, we must first recognize the object of his anger, which appeared to be Finny throughout the entire novel. But was there another enemy that Gene needed dead more so than Finny?Gene did not have a lot of faith in anyone at Devon, especially Phineas, the one he referred to as

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774 words - 3 pages In the coming of age novel, A Separate Peace, Finny's fall from the tree serves as an integral part of the novel's plot as well as turning point for both Finny and Gene. My views on this particular accident is that Gene's role in Finny's accident was of minimal proportions, it was not premeditated, also Gene's thoughts prior and after the accident were of human thinking, not evil or mean. Gene's role in Finny's accident was a misunderstanding

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1741 words - 7 pages jealousy, and hatred for the dominant empire. Soon the wickedness of the county starts creeping out. Mournfully, the powerful country lacks the ability to see the hatred flowing through the veins of the weaker country. As a result of the jealously, a massacre of the superpower takes place, and the once weaker country over takes the superpower. In the same way that envy leads to the termination of a country, if affects people also. People, who do well

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936 words - 4 pages In John Knowles's A Separate Peace, Gene is not the same quality character that Phineas happens to be. Gene and Phineas are best friends at the Devon School, and Gene, angry because of Phineas' athletic talent and social abilities, "jounced the limb" (Knowles, 53) in order to knock Finny out of the tree. This is similar to the story of Cain and Abel in the King James Bible. Cain and Abel are brothers, the sons of Adam and Eve, and both make

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922 words - 4 pages I'm no fool anymore. I know when I have information and it might be dangerous" (176). As for Gene, he is responsible, traumatized and loses his innocence. He has established as he mentions in the first chapter, " a growth and harmony." "Everything at Devon slowly changed and slowly harmonized with what had gone before. So it was logical to hope that since the buildings and the deans and the curriculum could achieve this, I could achieve, perhaps unknowingly already had achieved, this growth and harmony myself" (12). Works Cited A seperate peace

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1020 words - 4 pages John Knowles wrote A Separate Peace in 1959. It takes place during World War II in the early 1940's at an exclusive boarding school, Devon. It is written through the eyes of Gene, a young man attending this all boys' school. It follows Gene and his friends through the summer of 1942, and right on into their "upper middle", which is equivalent to a junior, year of Devon. A Separate Peace is full of symbolism, Imagery, and has many characters.John

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264 words - 2 pages A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, is about a psychological insight of a maturing sixteen year old student at a preparatory school during WWII. Looking back at Knowles's youth, he lived a very similar lifestyle to that of the characters in his novel. Based on his experiences, he created an identical and notorious story that reflected his life.Throughout the book, Knowles refers to the landscaping and smells of Devon in a comparable way to that

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578 words - 2 pages In life people are often faced with circumstances. These circumstances can either help the person grow, or it may give the person sorrow and pain. John Knowles in A Separate Peace places his characters in situations, which they could either grow from or could suffer. As humans we wish that everyone will change for the good, unfortunately that doesn't always happen. We can see this through the two protagonists in A Separate peace; Gene and