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Hatred, Remorse And Carrots Essay

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It’s Christmas and I hate my family.Even after twenty-six years. People wonder why I act so “childish”, but enduring a childhood with two arrogant, conceited people has left me with a damaged perception of family love. And no, I don’t think I will change.Ursula, or as I nicknamed her “Eggula”, is my younger sister whom I’ve detested since she was born. The nickname is from childhood experiences; she has always smelt like eggs and I hated them almost as much as I hated her. My mother is the other person whom I dislike, but since I moved out, she started being reasonable towards me.I’m spending Christmas with these two people, something I regret since I came inside Eggula’s house. I’ve never liked her house. It depicted her: large pictures of tabby cats, little coffee tables everywhere, and the distinct aroma of eggs.I hoped that over the years, our constant fighting would decrease or at least that the smell of eggs would stop burning my nose hairs. To some extent, the former has happened, though the latter seems to be stronger than ever. My mother has changed over the years, her health declined; she is on medication, and a strict diet to keep her sugar levels stable. This amplifies her crabbiness because a chocolate-coated doughnut is no longer a midnight snack. At least I had my dad to stick up for me. But he’s dead now. He was recovering from a stroke when he had lactose full milk in his morning white chocolate mocha.Back to the present; I’m helping Eggula cook dinner. She smiles a strained smile like it takes her a great deal of effort not to throw the olives at my head. It relieves me that she’s trying to be nice. Even if it’s the fake sort of nice that you are to people who give you bright orange jumpers in summer and you have to pretend to like it and instead of hurting their feelings though everyone knows that you are probably going to donate it to the neighbour’s rubbish bin.My gaze follows her; she looked slightly older. Light makeup – applied badly – donned her face and her ebony hair was greasy. She is whisking the egg with shaky hands. I save it before it hits the ground, and she smiles that smile again. That’s another thing I hate about her; her smile. I notice the silence and try to make a feeble attempt at chit chat.“How’s work?” I question accidently making it sound more like an accusation.“Huh? Work?” She stutters, spinning around to look confused as if she didn’t understand.“I mean, have you found a job yet?” I say as nice I can manage.“No. Well yes. No, I’m not sure.” She says unconfidently.“Pardon?” We stare at each other.“I got a job at this computer company but I doubt they’ll still have me after this week. I’ve already broke two computers and a printer,” she replies.“Oh, right.”My gaze returns to the vegetables and the silence returns in its...

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