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Haute Couture Influences Ready To Wear Essay

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Fashion has been around ever since ancient times, since the time of the Romans, it survived the world wars and is yet today a business with rapid changes. Fashion started off as an art form, a way for the riches to show their social status with unique and innovative designs that only they could afford. It was a way to separate the social classes of the society. In this paper I will include the creator of haute couture, and how the following designers developed couture, as well as having leading names in today’s ready-to-wear industry. The list is long, but I chose to focus on the three most important designers of the modern fashion industry.
Haute Couture
Haute Couture is the French term for high fashion, and it relates to the dressmaking, sewing, or needlework of a garment. In 1886, Charles Frédéric Worth founded an association of couture houses dedicated to regulate and protect the work of Parisian couturiers, and it later evolved to La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. (Mackenzie 47). The term Haute Couture is protected by law in which one must adhere to specific criteria’s stated by the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture in order to be categorized under its name. The criterion to be categorized as Haute Couture is a minimum of fifteen people employed at the house, producing one-of-a-kind garments of the highest craftsmanship and quality, as well as it has to be presented to the press in Paris each season.
A haute couture garment is hand customized by a couture house, and is made from the highest level of quality. The garment are specifically made for its carrier, and is due to its delicate and exclusive fabric only fitted on its future wearer one time before the garment goes into production.
Haute couture and fashion is a multi-million dollar industry - though most haute couture creations are extremely costly to produce. The status of haute couture fashions have the unique ability to generate great publicity for a design house , which usually leads to higher sales in the designer's ready-to-wear collections, which often includes simplified, more affordable versions of couture pieces or its influence.
Haute couture designs can be seen as unusable and even "costumey," but there is no denying that they represent all that is fanciful and fresh about fashion. Each season designers take risks with materials, cut, and fit, and continually creates innovative and inspiring designs.
The founders
It all started in 1858 with a man, Charles Frédéric Worth and his vision to dress the riches in the most exclusive garments, specifically created for its carrier. Worth holds the honor of being the creator of Haute Couture. He has been credited with the many design innovations that were established at his time, but he must definitely be remembered for changing the way clothing is produced. Worth was the first to realize that aesthetic perfection had to be built on a foundation of technical excellence and was also the first to sign his...

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