Am I Capable Of Caring For A Dog While In School?

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Am I Capable of Caring for a Dog While in School?
"I am sorry I have to leave you to die in the hospital - I don't have enough money to pay
for your treatment." I said grievously. My dog started to whine when I turned my back and began
to walk away from him. When I turned my head to glance at him for the last time, I saw tears
coming down from his eyes right before he closed them.
" No!!!!!" I cried.
All of a sudden, I open my eyes and sit up. "It's a dream……." I murmur.
After I had the idea to get a puppy, I started to worry. Before making such a decision, I
needed to make sure I was able to take care of a dog properly.
I already knew that taking care of a dog is similar to taking care of an infant. They both
require lots of time and effort - but like children, all dogs are different. Firstly, dogs have
different kinds and sizes. Different dogs have different characteristics and I was not sure what
breeds I liked, but I did have a few in mind. I was also aware that some breeds have higher
chances of inheriting some types of health problem. As such, I had to consider my finances
before choosing whether to get a dog.
Before make the decision, I needed to do some research. What dog breed is suitable for
me? Do I have the ability to look after a dog? What kind of food should I feed my dog with and
what is the price? What are the health problems that will concern my dog, and am I able to pay

for the treatment? After making a list of all of my questions and concerns, I started my research
The Story Of My Research
My research started with a comparison of different dog breeds. I googled the phrase
"compare dog breed" and found a site that did just what I needed. After comparing breeds, I
decided to get a golden retriever. Because of my uncertainty regarding my ability to take care of
a big dog, I interviewed some international students who have big dogs. Their answers, which I
will briefly discuss later, deepened my decision to get a golden retriever. Next, I needed to find a
breeder in my region so I googled "Golden Retriever breeder California." I looked into many
websites but only one of them caught my attention. I sent an email to the breeder Linda to ask if
it would be okay for me to do a short interview on the phone regarding golden retrievers'
preferences and health issues. I received her reply the next day with her phone number and a
suitable timing for me to call her. The phone call with Linda really helped me to narrow the focus
of my research on health problems and wellness for golden retrievers. With Linda's information,
I started to look for "organic dog's food" on Google.
There is a plethora of websites that provide me information and price ranges of various
dog foods. Unfortunately, the information about organic dog food were disappointing to me. An
idea flashed in my mind and I typed in "Dog Food DIY (Do It Yourself)." I managed to find a
website called "Modern Dog...

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