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Have Unions Had Their Day? Essay

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Since the dawn of time there has been a power struggle in connection to employer and employee relationships. The struggle has been shown over time from the lords of the land collecting dues/taxes from their servants to masters owning slaves and thrashing them into submission. Unionization, workers fighting for their rights and freedoms, has been in evolution for many centuries. Workers have had to fight for everything that we as a society take for granted today. From the Charter of Rights to the Employment Standards Act, the workers have fought for every inch they have gained in rights. Workers gave their lives in unfavourable working conditions, which lead to our Occupational Health and Safety Act. Employees having been discriminated against based on Prohibited Grounds when they have the same Skills Knowledge and Abilities as the ordinary person. Today, in Canada, there is a tremendous amount of legislation that supports workers compared to other countries in the world. With new trends in employment, however, there will always be a need for a union.

Our country has legislation which puts constraints on some of the corporation activities that have negative effects on workers and the environment. New trends of non standard forms of work such as contingency workers, and globalization are developing and are leaving little to no protection for this variety of trends. One of the promises of the North America Free Trade Agreement was to eliminate child poverty by 2000 in Canada, in which the poverty levels has grown by six times since the treaty was signed in 1989. (Hebber & Brown, 2008) Globalization has put unfair competition in the free market globalization meaning not every country has the same codes, regulations, or legislation in regards to how businesses can practice. Consistency is needed for equity treatment of workers, children and society collectively. To be guaranteed that the shoe you just purchased was not produced by child. As Child Labour is not an acceptable practice in our society. Canadians do not want for our children to suffer in regards to social conditions due to our jobs being relocated to an International location, and our jobs being performed by children whom are sustain their family. Our society views the parental role as being the one responsible to support their children, while the children are becoming educated to achieve a better standard of life. Unions are the collective voice of Canadians who know the only way change can happen is in numbers! Unions not only protect their membership but also society, it is imperative they continue to have their day now and into the future! Or else we will resume back to the master-servant relationship again.

The Trends from Craft Union to the Industrial Union to the Public Sector Union shows us society will be forever evolving into diverse trends as time goes on. Even now as we speak the new trend of non standard work...

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