Have We Become A Rape Accepting Society? Persuasive Essay

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#freethenipple = A better world
We should view male and female nipples as the same. Woman’s nipples have more purpose but yet still are sexualised.
Women have made a powerful impact on our world. Why should we complain if they want to go all natural out in public? Meaning why should we care if they go out with their breasts out for the world to see? #freethenipple will help prevent this. This reasoning behind #freethenipple is simple. To raise awareness and to stop ‘gender inequality’ around the world, this is still happening today and also helps women perhaps become more confident in their own skin. This campaign will make an impacting change on women’s lives.
Does this world really have equality? Times are changing, with men now being accepted to wear makeup, however women still aren’t being accepted with getting their nipples out in public? If women do indeed get their boobs out, they will get arrested due to ‘indecent exposure’ which frankly means ‘Non-sexual exhibitionism or public nudity is sometimes considered indecent exposure.’ which is ‘explicit Sexual Offences Act 2003, section 66’ in the United Kingdom. But a man doesn’t get done for it. Some men even have bigger boobs or (moobs as they are referred too) than some women, yet that’s okay?
It is also wrong that if a movie/television series show male nipples but having to set an age limit for female nipples. This is showing young girls that it’s more ‘unaccepted’ and ‘wrong’ and showing them that they are less superior to boys. Surely we should be teaching the younger generation that everyone is equal, no matter what.
Women’s nipples have more purpose than guy’s nipples. Women’s nipples are used to breastfeed. New mothers will benefit from this campaign. As nobody would be complaining about a mother trying to feed her baby as everyone who of course wanted too would have their boobs on show. Making it easy for a mother to feed her hungry crying child as quickly as possible and not needing to go somewhere where it was ‘acceptable’ to get her breast out to feed her child. Of course breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed a new-born all the way up to 2 years old! Why do some people have a problem with this? But yet people still have a problem with a mother trying to feed her baby? This is the most common/natural thing in the whole entire world yet people are still ‘uncomfortable’ with this. People like this have a nerve as it’s like they are trying to say that the mother will need to wait until she goes somewhere private to feed her baby also to let her baby starve whilst she tries and does so.
Some people struggle with being confident in the way they look. Some people are overly confident in their body. #freethenipple can help with overall body confidence in women across the globe. It could possibly help a woman feel more comfortable in her own skin, maybe not but there is a high possibility. Nobody’s perfect after all. Also would it not...

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