Have We Become Too Dependant On Computers That We Have Become Deviant To Responsibilities?

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Computers and ResponsibilityAfter watching the "Star Trek" episode, I was fascinated about their style of waging war and how they handled casualties. Instead of having real, all-out warfare, instead of destroying buildings, houses and land, they would fight with mathematics and computers, and make the casualties commit suicide. That is not war, what they did was just basically a video game with real life casualties. Sometimes the horrors of war cannot be avoided, and must ensue. This way of using computers to fight their wars rends them devoid of the destruction and terror of war, and the responsibility of protecting their citizen's lives and putting a stop to it. But, has computers affected our present lives in a way such as we have become devoid of responsibility for our actions especially when computers are involved? To an extent, it is possible that computers have severely loosened our responsibility.Back in the olden times, when there were no computers, life was hard, brutal, and painful. I'm not saying life now isn't hard, but we have it much easier. In 2560 B.C., the great pyramid was built. It was built by hand, by thousands of slaves and slave drivers, hundreds of pulleys and trolleys, and many years of vicious work under the hot sun. Hundreds of people died in the process. There were no computers, no machines to make it easier. The slaves themselves were responsible for each slab of rock. If anyone made a mistake, they were beaten. Nowadays, we depend on computers and machines to help us build, and without them construction would be extremely difficult. In the 1800s, people farmed cotton using slaves to do the work and their own hands to collect and refine the cotton. Similarly to the Egyptian slaves, these slaves were also beaten heavily and were responsible for every single petty mistake that they made. Now, we use machines and computers to collect the cotton and refine it, with limited men overseeing the process. By creating a dependency on computers, we have lost some responsibility ourselves. If something goes...

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