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Do You Know What It Feels Like To Be Trapped? The Opening Of A Book Which Will Keep The Reader Interested And Want To Know What Is Going On.

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As I crouched in the gloomy corner, I peered around me. Although the room was extremely bright it did not help my mood. The vivid green walls were closing in around me, preventing me from breathing. I gasped and squeezed my purple knees up against my heaving chest. The colours were swirling around in front of me making me dizzy and nauseous. I had once thought of this death trap as a safe house but now it was more of a jail, the windows may as well be barred and a padlock be put on the door. I used to flee to my room to take refuge from that crazed woman. I felt as if no one could reach me in it and destroy my false happiness. However, I had been wrong! The toys that had once smiled down on me glared and sneered whilst I cowered in retreat. The world I had once known was crashing down around me.The picture on the wall gave me shivers every time I looked at it. I had buried it in my drawer hoping it would be swallowed along with all my fears. However, she had searched my entire room until she had found where it was hiding. I knew if I disposed of this daunting photograph I would most certainly pay the price as I had done when I smashed the glass frame. She had stormed into my room when she'd heard it shatter on the floor. I could do nothing to stop her habitual ways. Nobody could!Glancing down around me I spotted the blood stained carpet which reminded me of the many "falls" I had had. I winced in pain as I tried to pull myself off the ground using me bed. I hadn't realised just how bad my stomach was. I looked at...

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