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Have You Ever Thought About Nuclear War And How It Affects Your Everyday Life?

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Nuclear War Have you ever thought about nuclear war and how it affects your everyday life? In a madder of minutes large parts of are country can be taken out by nuclear bombs. Nuclear consists of many different types of nuclear artillery and, many types of planes and submarines. Also it consists of many effects, accidents, and a history of attacks. These aspects of nuclear war range far from any other type of war.First, are the types of artillery in nuclear war. One kind of artillery would be the Redstone (SSM-A-14) medium range ballistic missile. This missile is 69 feet long. The weight is 61,346 pounds. These missiles speed gets up to mach 5.5. The missiles speed at impact is mach 2.3. Also it has a range of 56.6 to 201.5 miles. This missile is built with a single W-39 thermonuclear warhead, with a 4-megaton yield. Another missile is the Sprint. This missile is about half the size of Redstone. Its length is 26 feet 11 inches. The weight of this missile is 7,700 pounds. When set off it can get up to supersonic speeds. Its range is around 25 miles. This missile is made up of a single W-66 thermonuclear warhead, with a 20 kt yield. It destroys targets by a neutron flux produced by the warhead. Nuclear artillery also consists of nuclear guns. An example of one is the Davy Crocket gun. This gun isn't big but can cause a lot of damage. Its length is 8 feet 2 inches. The weight is 371 pounds. A good aspect of this gun is that it can range from 1000 feet to 2.5 miles. The gun shoots conventional or W-4 variable yield fission devices. This gun destroys large tanks and infantry. Also there are missiles that are made for submarines. One of them is the Suborc (UUM-44A) this missile can get as long as 21 feet. The speed is supersonic. This missile ranges around 28.5 miles. It is a single W-55 fission warhead (Gibson, James Norris pg. 158,170,179-180).Another part of artillery, but bigger impacts on nuclear war is the planes and submarines that carry the bombs. Through many years different planes were upgraded or invented. One of the planes was the P2v-3C Neptune. This plane has a length of 77 feet and, has a height of 21 feet 1 inch. The Neptune's max speed is 300 mph. The Neptune comes equipped with a little boy bomb, mk-1, Betty, or with just two lulu depth bombs. Another plane is the B-2 (ATB). The length of this plane isn't that much smaller than the Neptune. It is 69 feet long, with a height of 15 feet. Unlike the Neptune the speed for this plane is supersonic. The last but my most favorite plane is the F-15 eagle. This plane is smaller than the other two but looks much stronger. Its length is 63 feet 9 inches, and has a height of 18 feet 8 inches. The speed of this plane gets up to a mach 2.5. This plane carries a B-43, B-61, and a B-83 bomb. When bombs aren't up in the air they are being carried under water by huge submarines. The two submarines that caught my eye were the Los Angeles Class and the Ohio Class. The Los Angeles Class is a significant...

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