Have You Ever Read A Story, And Were So Intrigued

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Have you ever read a story, and were so intrigued that you wish you were the main character so that you could change the way they reacted to certain things? I have, and when I read "Footfalls" I found myself doing that very thing. "Footfalls" was written by Wilbur Daniel Steele, an amazing author who really knows how to capture the reader's attention and involve them in the story. In the story, a man named Boaz Negro is against Campbell Wood because Wood killed Boaz's last living son. In this paper, I will identify the major problem in "Footfalls", explore some possible solutions to that problem, evaluate those solutions, and find the best solution.Before I explore some possible solutions, you need to understand the story "Footfalls". Here is a summary of the story to help explain the major problem. Campbell Wood made fun of Manuel, Boaz Negro' son, and Boaz took offence. As Wood was leaving, he stole a sack of coins from Boaz's shop, and Boaz knew. Boaz felt uncomfortable when Wood was around, and at night, he'd listen closer than before. That same night, Boaz heard footsteps on the upper floor, as well as the lower floor, and he sensed something was wrong. Then he heard Wood ask from the upper level why they weren't sleeping, and Manuel replied it was because he wasn't tired. Wood asked Manuel if he wanted to play euchre and Manuel accepted the invitation. When Manuel went upstairs, someone shut the door, and this made Boaz very uncomfortable. Shortly after that, Boaz heard footsteps coming around the corner of the house, but he felt that he couldn't move. He heard someone yell from the street, "Fire!" and slowly began to realize that the fire was coming from his own house. Slowly, Boaz began to put the pieces together, and was just now figuring out what was going on. In the morning, a body was found lying Campbell Wood's burned bed, and was identified as Wood, but Boaz knew it was Manuel's body. When Boaz was being questioned, he never told the detectives that he knew it was Manuel's body. All he said was he was going to wait for the cachorra (Campbell Wood) to return. After...

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