Have You Ever Seen The Photograph Of The Six Men

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Have you ever seen the photograph of the six men putting up "Old Glory" on the island of Iwo Jima? The book Flags of Our Fathers tells about the lives of these men, from when they were first born to when they became our nation's heroes. The battle of Iwo Jima was a terrible battle that killed a lot of United States Marines, but finally ended with a victory for the United States of America. Six young Marines raised the replacement flag at Iwo Jima. They were six very different men, united to fight the war as Marines. These Marines did not know it, but the picture of them putting up the replacement flag on top of Mount Suribachi would be a phenomenon. One of the men was Ira Hayes. He was a Pima Indian born and raised in Arizona. He was a very quiet man, and a little mysterious. When Pearl Harbor was bombed he felt the need to protect his family and his friends, so he joined the United States Marines. He later became a paratrooper and received USMC Paratrooper wings. However, later in the war, when duty called, Ira was there at Iwo Jima fighting with his fellow Marines to protect his nation. The war was hard for Ira, as well as for other Marines, but he made it to Mount Suribachi and helped the Marines raise the United States' flag. When he got home he did not like the attention the photograph on Mount Suribachi brought him. Ira started drinking a lot and was put in jail several times for being drunk and disorderly. One day after playing cards and drinking Ira was found faced down in a pile of his own blood and vomit. The coroner eventually said Ira died from too much exposure in the cold weather and too much alcohol. Ira was a great man who fought for his country, but died because he drank to forget the war and Iwo Jima. Another man who raised the flag was a man named John Bradley. Born in Wisconsin, John was very religious and friendly man. When men were being drafted for World War II he joined the navy to avoid land battle. John became a corpsman after graduating from Field Medical School, which meant he was now part of the Marines. These corpsman were trained to care for wounded marines in battle. Though John Bradley also known as "Doc" was trying to avoid battle, being a corpsman brought him into it. John survived the war to raise the flag at Mount Suribachi. When he was brought back to the United States, he got a lot of attention due to the photograph. It was fine at first but eventually he got tired of being interviewed for the photo. See, John Bradley did not think he was a hero. He thought the real heroes were the men who did not make it back. Though it was hard for "Doc" to forget about the war, his life went on and he made a family. John went on to own a funeral home and refused to talk about the war to almost everyone. There was also Mike Strank. He was the leader of Easy Company, which was the company the six men were in. He was born in Czechoslovakia and was known as the "Old Man" or "A Marine's Marine." He...

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