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Have You Ever Tried The Impossible?

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Have you ever tried to fly or do something that you know you can’t do even if you try with all your heart’s content? Well I can tell you I have tried and it hasn’t been for a while mainly because I found out a way to do all these things that I wanted to do. You might be asking how, well it can’t just be told to you and you go off and do it yourself because what I can do some people can’t even do in a life time. You might already know what I am talking about but most likely you don’t but what I want to do is, I want to teach how to control your subconscious. You might be thinking well don’t I already control my subconscious, well yes most of the time you control your subconscious but you ...view middle of the document...

The times when I was able to control it was so much fun and beautiful, but when I lost control it all changed it felt like some demonic dark ominous feeling was cast over me and I couldn’t take it away in my dream when I taken over what I saw was this creature, that abided in the darkness drenched in evil and hatred staring in to my soul. I had a strong sense of fear cast over me and then I would see this creature slowly appear in my line of sight I tried to look away but everywhere I looked it was there. I don’t know how but when this was over and I woke up I was sitting on my couch starring at the static that was playing on my television, I was so afraid, I was worried for my sanity. I went back into my bed hoping for another dream but this time I hoped I could control it and it wasn’t hell to be in. I fell asleep after about an hour of lying in my bed in fear, finally fell back asleep and put into a new dream. In this dream I was in a place that was flat, I call it the flat land I call it this because it is from a game I occasionally play and it seemed appropriate for this occasion. This land, gave me a small sense of fear but I really did care as much as I should have. I did as wanted and started to create a little town but this town was different though I couldn’t tell why though. It was a beautiful town it had majestic buildings and a tall tower that went through the clouds above. The only thing that was missing was my home a place I could go to for shelter and protection. I started to make my house and then I lost control again sometimes this happens I was not alarmed and then a small image appeared and when you see these image in a dream it goes into your dream and you cannot stop it. At that time I had no idea that would happen but it didn’t seem like it did anything to my dream, but it did affect my mood. The mood you’re in will affect your dream I made my house the safest house I could possibly make it. I made a house based on the house I lived in as an infant. In my dream I was so scared that I would lose control again but I knew that if it is going to happen it is just going to wait, just to taunt me it must have been just watching me laughing at my fear. I didn’t want to wake up, but at the same time I did want to. The fear was growing over me but I wanted to find out what this thing was that was watching my every move and listening to every thought that went through my mind.
In my city I started to see changes to my town little things but defiantly changes, well at first I thought it was the angle of thing that was different from when I placed it but it wasn’t, eventually I passed it off as nothing. I started to add people to my town and it started to come together and relieve the feeling of loneliness that lurked in the city. Then I wanted to make a church to stay in if I was afraid. After I made the church and I went in the buildings that I made, all the people were all dead, they were half eaten I couldn’t believe what...

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