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Have You Ever Wondered About Facial Deformities?

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Have you ever met a person with a deformed face? Are you that person? In the novel Wonder by R.J Palacio the main character August was born with a deformed face. The book starts with August deciding if he wants to start middle school. His mother has been homeschooling him since he was born through when he hit ten years old. When August goes to school for the first day, he get’s bullied, and gets constantly stared at. Throughout the school year, he gets bullied. She wants kids to know that they are heard when finishing this book and that you can’t control what you look like but you can control what people think of you. August deals with so much bullying throughout the school year. ...view middle of the document...

It doesn’t help anyone (except the oppressor) if the act of bullying was kept to him /herself. In Wonder you hear August viewed in different perspectives including himself, his overprotective sister, and kids at school. He finds himself ordinary, his sister gets outraged when someone gives August “the look.” The most important thing to do is find people who will look past the face and look at the content of the person instead. August finds friends who will stick by his side. Even if you think you’re invisible, you’re not. Parents and teachers know what’s happening. In the beginning, he says that he’s ordinary. Normal in every way possible except his looks. There was an incident in the novel where August and a friend went into the woods to look for something. When they found it they started to turn around and start walking back. All of the sudden, flashlights are being shinned on August’s face and he hears “What’s that?” August then realizes they are talking about his face. This act of bravery caused all of his classmates to clap for him and cheer him on. Mr. Tushman, the principal, immediately calls August’s mother to make her aware that August is being bullied. August doesn’t...

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