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Having A Premature Baby (Part 1)

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I am not amazing and I am not strong. I have done what all mothers try to do for their children and that is the best they can. I have been asked to tell my story so that my experiences may help others. I find the idea of writing about my experience harder than living it. I guess that is because at the time I didn't have time to think about things too much, my kids needed me. I can feel my heart aching and tears welling up just thinking about it, I love my children more than anything in the world and wouldn't change anything about them except the pain they have been and continue to go through. Here is my story.I always wanted kids, it was my whole dream. When I fell pregnant I was over the moon. I had no morning sickness, in fact I felt fantastic. I loved being pregnant. I got big quick and was wearing maternity clothes proudly made by my mum who was also very excited when I was three months pregnant. By six months I was organising the nursery and booking ante-natal classes. My feet were swollen and I was getting headaches. I had been having all my usual checkups and everything was progressing fine. Then one night I had the worst headache so far and I had no panadol at home. I rang my mum and she came around, she took one look at me and carted me off to the doctors. This is when my nightmare started. I was pregnant not sick. Why doesn't anyone tell you that things can go wrong when you are pregnant. Why didn't anyone tell me that I could die from being pregnant. I thought the worst that would happen is that I would be losing sleep for the next 12 months and be grey early.It all happened so fast, the doctor took one look at me and was not pleased. She took my blood pressure, routine stuff I thought. How wrong I was. Before I knew it I was being carted off to the local hospital by ambulance, no going home to get clothes, no passing go. I don't understand what happened, I was just pregnant. I spent the next week lying on my left side being pumped full of medication to bring my blood pressure down. I still didn't understand what all the fuss was about. At the end of the week, my blood pressure had not stablised so I was transfered to King Edward Hospital, I was to spend the next 13 weeks there until my baby was due. What a lot of fuss. This time though I was allowed to go home and organise myself.I got to King Edward Hospital and was taken up to the ante natal ward and shown my bed for the next 13 weeks. Well this is something to look forward but if it is for my babies sake then it is worth it. My blood pressure was taken and the docotr explained what was happening. OK so I had pre-eclampsia and needed to take it easy so I can give my baby the best chance of survival. I could do this. My mum and boyfriend were there with me. They took my blood pressure again. Overkill surely. Everything is a blur from here and happened too fast. My blood pressure had sky rocketed, the nurse paniced and they were sticking needles in me left, right and centre. OK they...

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