Having Faith In What You Do And Who You Are Bethune Cookman Essay

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Morgan Augustin
Professor Blow
Understanding Faith
30 August 2017
What drives my faith?
“For we walk by faith, not by sight”. 2 Corinthians 5:7. Many people in today society believe in faith, some don’t, and others are undecided. But if were to ask me I would tell you yes, I do believe in faith. To have faith is to have a strong belief in god rather than proof. Faith has been driven force in my life from the time I was a child. I think that most of this was due to my mother religious influence on my life. She taught me to have faith during good and bad times. She would always remind me every time something was wrong that “without faith, you can’t achieve anything.”
I set a target for myself all the time when I’m trying to achieve something, whether its small or big. I know while trying to achieve that target I must have faith because without faith nothing is possible and without me believing faith, I wouldn’t have conquered any of my problems that I had encountered with through my teenage years. There had been many situations where I lost faith in myself, such as when I was in high school and I was taking a math course and I would pass all my homework and classwork but every time the quizzes or end of the semester test come around I wouldn’t proposer as I well as I did on my classwork or homework. So next nine weeks of school came around I told myself “Morgan you will pass these quizzes and final test just as you did for the classwork and homework”. So, the quizzes and final came around and I continued to fail, after studying day and night, I gave up. I told my mom I wanted to be remove from the class and she refused to have me removed she told me that, I came to far not to have faith anymore and that in the third nine weeks of school that I would pass if I kept the same faith and determination that I had previously had in the first two nine weeks of school that I would pass. Third nine weeks came around not only that I had enough faith that I would pass, but I enhanced my faith made it stronger I studied and got a tutor, I became more determined than I ever been. Finals came around and I took the test. I received my results two days later and I passed. It wasn’t the highest score but I passed, I whispered to myself “Faith”, without it I wouldn’t have gotten this far and faith helped me pass a test that I...

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