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Having Integrity In Business And Leadership

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Donald Menzel states that building an organization with integrity requires leading with integrity. One should be able to perform a duty without fear and without favors. Integrity, as Menzel explains, is defined by sound moral character, being respectful, and wholesome. Menzel describes not only what guides integrity, but how to build an organization with integrity over the course of chapter 3 and 4. Menzel begins by defining integrity, how to show integrity, and what integrity looks like among employees, organizations, and professionals. He then discusses the 8 principles of ethical conduct and how managers must act in this manner to demonstrate and lead by example. After defining these terms, Menzel discusses different types of leadership and how to build on each type. Menzel continues, in chapter 4, to discuss tools that organizations can use to in order to build and maintain organizations that display integrity. As Menzel moves into chapter 5, he describes management across different cities and counties and discusses ethical issues that have presented and how each was managed. Menzel continues to use life experiences in these chapters to help demonstrate not only what can happen, but what can happen if the wrong choice is made.
Menzel begins his discussion describing managers, ethical principles, and management types. Menzel states that in order for a manager to lead with integrity they must be truthful and honest, hold themselves accountable, credit others for contributions, and be respectful to all. This accounts for not only personal integrity, but professional and organizational integrity. He states that managers must manage relationships in fair and honest methods, and bide by the code of ethics for their profession, which in turn will lead to ethical behavior throughout the organization. Leading by example, following the same rules, and being accountable for actions will show employees that they too are held to the same standards and will teach by example. Leading in the manner will not only make the organization stronger, employees will be more willing to contribute and follow organization changes, discussions, and follow the mission with a passion. Menzel defines 8 principles of ethical conduct that he believes all should abide by. These principles range from doing the best job possible with the skills one has to reporting waste, fraud and corruption. Menzel does acknowledge that following these 8 principles all of time is difficult however following these guidelines will teach others and lead to an organization that presents with integrity. Managers have great power in how their employees work, engage, and perform while on the job. Menzel describes that all people are born with an ethical sense. Individuals learn what is right and wrong from their families, work experience, friends, and religious affiliations. Children learn at a young age what the golden rule is: One should treat others as they wish to be...

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