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Hawaii Health Systems Corporation has twelve facilities across five different islands with 1,275 licensed beds. It consists of five regions: East Hawaii, West Hawaii, Kauai, Maui and Oahu. HHSC is listed as the fourth largest health system in the country and the fourth largest on the islands, outside of Oahu (www.hhsc.org, 2014). In addition, it is the only provider of acute care on Maui and Lanai. In the West Hawaii Region, HHSC operates two facilities, Kona Community Hospital and Kohala Hospital. Kona Community Hospital, opened in 1914, operates a 94 bed acute care facility with a fully operational 24 hour Emergency Room. The East Hawaii region operates three facilities. The largest facility is located in Hilo, with Ka’u being a critical access hospital, providing a 24 hour emergency room services, along with a family practice clinic (www.kau.hhsc.org, 2011). In addition to three acute care facilities, HHSC operates a State Veterans home. This is also located in Hilo and provides healthcare to those that served in the military. The Kauai Region operates two facilities; these are Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital and Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital. Both are considered to be critical access hospitals (www.kvmh.hhsc.org, 2014). In addition, this region supports two hospital outpatient clinics, along with a medical office building. The Maui Region supports three facilities. The Maui Memorial Medical Center is the largest acute care facility within the HHSC. In addition, there are two other smaller acute care facilities (www.mauimemorialmedical.org, 2013). There are three facilities considered to be within the Oahu region. Kahuku Medical Center is considered a critical access hospital. The Leahi Hospital and Maluhia both provide Adult Day Services and skilled nursing care, while Maluhia provides intermediate care beds. Maluhia also provides geriatric physician based services and delivers meals to the homebound (kahuku.hhsc.org, 2014).

Residents of Hawaii have the longest life expectancy in the nation. As a result, over sixty percent of HHSC’s patients are Medicare or Medicaid patients. However, HHSC serves as the safety net for Hawaii residents in both acute and long term care. HHSC provides care to the Nation’s veterans. On many islands, HHSC is the only care provider and frequently provides care that can only be provided with the support of state funding. In addition, it serves most of the geriatric population on several of the islands, in both long term facilities and visits to the home (www.hhsc.org, 2014).
Hilo Medical Center, the largest operated by HHSC, provides an array of services, comparable to many of the larger healthcare facilities within the connected United States (www.hilomedicalcenter.org, 2014). While the state of Hawaii has high rates of heart attack and strokes, the success of HHSC’s stroke programs are evident in Hawaii’s ranking of 45th in deaths related to stroke and 49th in...

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