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Hawaii’s Big Island Essay

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History of Hawaii’s Big Island
“Hawaii’s Big Island” got that name to keep down confusion from the actual state name. The Big Island is bigger than all of the other Hawaiian islands put together. Hawaii’s Big Island is filled with Hawaiian temples from ancient days.
You will be able to learn a lot of Hawaiian history here. Since the island is so large, it will take a long time to see everything. It’s best that your visits are separated into segments. The Big Island isn’t going anywhere, so they’ll be plenty for you to see on another visit.
Back in the late 1700s, Hawaii’s Big Island was separated into different islands. It was not uncommon to find them fighting against each other. By the year 1791, the islands came together to form what is now known as Hawaii’s Big Island.
The Big Island is a vital part of Hawaiian history and culture. In fact, people still believe that there is a Hawaiian god that still resides there and is among the living. Supposedly, there is a volcano goddess names Pele who lives in the Kilauea Volcano. Since 1983, she has provoked eruptions at the Kilauea Volcano.
One thing that is frowned upon is removing volcanic rocks from the area. People that have removed pieces of the rocks have been said to experience adverse events when they returned home. They attributed it to them taking the rock with them.
They end up returning the rock and writing a letter of apology for removing it in the first place. It seems as though some people think that Pele wasn’t pleased with them removing the rock and felt that they were disrespecting her in the process.
Kona Coast
Part of the Kona coastline includes the start of Kailua Kona past Kealakekua Bay. If you wanted to drive through there, it may take you at least an hour or more to do so. During your travels, you will be able to see the Kona Coffee farms and famous historic landmarks.
Hawaiian royalty once resided on the Kona coast. You can find places such as Hulihee Palace and Puuhonua o Honaunau here. You can also learn more of Hawaii’s history at Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park.
If you’re looking for water activities, you can snorkel and dive in South Kona’s waters. In South Kona, you will also find dolphins and green sea turtles that are referred to here as honu. If you’re looking for a more daring activity, try swimming with the manta rays or deep-sea fishing for the large Pacific Blue Marlin.
Kona Coffee
Elsewhere on the Kona Coast, you may want to visit some of the many coffee plantations and you can get a taste of some of the unique coffee beans that are produced here. Kona coffee is unique and exclusive to Hawaii.
The coffee beans are produced and grown in North and South Kona. This is a great place to produce and grow the coffee beans because of the environment that they are exposed to.
In order for the beans to maintain their value and high quality, it’s best that they are in a high elevation area. Also, there has to be clouds and the soil has to be rich in...

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