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Hawaiian Weather And Volcanoes Essay

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Chapter 6 - Hawaiian Weather and Volcanoes
During the year, you can expect moderate humidity with trade winds coming from the northeast. Hawaii also experiences severe storms, but not on a regular basis. Hawaii, for the most part, doesn’t experience four seasons like the mainland does. They have summer, which occurs between May and October and winter, which occurs between October and April.
During the summer season, the temperatures are usually in the high 80s and in the evenings the temperatures are usually in the 70s. During the winter season, the temperatures are usually in the low to mid 80s and in the evenings the temperatures can dip under the mid 60s.
In the ocean of Hawaiian Islands, the rainfall is no more than 30 inches a year. Rainfall in other areas is at least 10 – 15 times more than that.
Even though you would not associate snow with a tropical island, on the Big Island snow does come to the areas of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa during the winter season. Hawaii doesn’t experience many hurricanes, but they do make their mark from time to time. In fact, all of the main islands in the state have been hit by a hurricane.
If you’re looking for adventure, look no further than the volcanoes in Hawaii. You can actually get to see a volcano up close. When they get angry, it is a sight to see. They can cause a lot of ruckus on the islands. When the volcanoes erupt, they can harm the natural wildlife on the Hawaiian Islands.
Some of the Hawaiian volcanoes are active and some are not. One of the volcanoes that has the most activity is located on the Big Island. In addition to probably being the most active, Kilauea is also the youngest volcano located in Hawaii. It is known for spreading burning lava for miles away and eventually spilling into the sea. Anything that is in the way can be destroyed.
The Mauna Loa volcano is the largest volcano around. This volcano takes up half of the Island of Hawaii and is more than three-fourths larger than the other islands put together. Mauna Loa provides a lot of activity. This volcano is responsible for 33 eruptions, the initial one taking place in 1843.
Another active volcano is the Loihi. This volcano is unique because it will only make movements under water. In fact, this volcano is entirely under water in the sea below the Kilauea volcano. You will have to ride a submarine or go scuba diving in order to see this volcano.
Chapter 7 - Getting Married In Hawaii
Hawaii is a romantic place to get married, not to mention one of the most beautiful places in the world to do it. You can choose the setting that you want. Getting married on the beach, barefoot in the sand; a small chapel; a tropical landscape or a scenic waterfall - all of those are very romantic in their own way. It all depends on your taste and how intimate you want it to be.
In order to be lawfully married in the State of Hawaii, you have to apply for a marriage license at the local Department of Health facility. It’s pretty easy to...

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