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Hazard And Risk Assessment Essay

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6.1 Hazard and Risk Assessment
A hazard is a potential damage, adverse health or harm that may effects something or someone at any conditions. Other than that, the risk may be high or low, that somebody could be harmed depending on the hazards. Risk assessment is a practice that helps to improve higher quality of the develop process and manufacturing process. It is also a step to examine the failure modes of the product in order to achieve higher standard of safety and product reliability. Unfortunately, it is common that a product safety risk assessments are not undertaken, or not carried out effectively by manufacturer. Mostly an unsafe and unreliable product was produced and launched on to the market. Thus, the safety problems are mostly identified after an accident happened or after manufacturing problems arisen. In order to prevent risk, a person should take enough precautions or should do more to prevent them because as a user should be protected from harm that usually caused by a failure for whom did not take reasonable control measures.

6.2 Common water taps hazard/failure modes and risk

Water tap has become an important part for household, business, and also buildings. Modern water tap nowadays are well engineered and can long last but depend on the types of the materials. Many people would prefer to replace the design when remodeling. There are many reasons that causes failure modes for water tap.

Hazards/Failure Modes Risk Happen Ways To Prevent
Leaking and Dripping Cause noisy sound Install new parts and change the damaged parts
Sharp Edges Causes minor Injury or accident cut Conduct a perfect and good finishing for the product.
Corrosion Health problems or may cause cancer problem. Select the better resistance corrosion materials and wash the parts regularly.
Hot surface of water tap May cause skin or scalding burns. Choose proper materials which can withstand hot temperature.
Example Brass and nickels.

6.3 Discussion of hazard/risk assessment safety of product

There is a lot of ways to solve those problems. An accurate record is useful for risk assessment process. The purpose is to show the record which product is sufficiently safe for launch to the market. However, a baseline also been provided to receive a useful new information in order to make new adjustments and improvements for the product.

A leaky water tap would disturb us because of the noisy sounds. Other than that. The main cause of these problems includes corrosion, mineral deposit of the certain parts or defective gaskets, washer or O-rings. For the O-rings problem, the stem crew consists of a small disc. This part is where the dripping may...

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