Dangers Of Cell Phones Essay

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“Inspire the world, create the future”- I-phone, “Progress is a beautiful thing”- Samsung, all these promotional ideas have engulfed our brains and our minds in such a way that we are now slaves of technology. Technology has created many wonders but the most used and ruling of these wonders are the CELLULAR PHONES. Cell phones are rightly also known as “Mobile Phones” because they can move freely and also have made communication move freely. We are not bound to call or talk to each other while just sitting next to a big landline phone and talk not doing anything else making that time unproductive. But today we can “walk while we talk”. In addition to this basic feature of cell phones, these also serve as messaging device, a music player, a T.V, a newspaper, a calculator, and lot more. Not that but the newer “smart-phones” had applications and browsers which aid in education of student. As said rightly, “Clearly, the days when parents admonished their kids to use cell phones only for emergencies are over.” – Ben Rogers.
But are these technological wonders, do have their own dangers. The cell phones are a source of electro-magnetic radiations, which affect mental and physical health. There are studies that back up the effect of the radiations from the cell phones and the transmitting antenna which affect brain, genetic structure of human body. In a research carried out at University of Washington, it was found that cells exposed to wireless radiations had DNA breaks. A similar study was conducted by Laboratory Systems in Research Triangle Park, N.C. resulted showing that DNA in cells breaks by exposure to large doses of cell phone radiations and eventually might lead to brain cancer. A study conducted by a research student at the University of Gothenburg which included 4100 young...

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