Hbr Case Studies Starbucks, Wine Wars, Daimler, Walmart, And Herborist George Washington University Managing Multinational Enterprises Case Study

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Daimler: Reinventing Mobility
· Rise of China as a key piece of automotive industry
· Processes made more flexible and updates in sales models
· Benz PatentMotowagen – first autobolile 1885
· 1930- prosperous technological period- innovation, engine, hydraulic brakes- followed by technological stagnation – wwII and great depression
Alfred P. Sloan – CEO general motors – conceptto planned obsolence of products (periodical cosmetic restyling of cars aimed at making customers dissatisfied enough with their current vehicles to purchase a new one in shorter intervals.
· From 1950- it was great, however it was interrupted in 1970s with stricted government regulations – ollution, fuel, safety
· By 2017 – electric cars, autonomous vehicles, ride-sahring movements
· In 2016 over 750, 000 cars were sold worldwide
· By 2040 the electric cars are expected to surpass the traidtional engines vechicles
· Viitually, eveyr major automarket in the world ha dput in place rograms to develop electric cars.
· Autonomous vehicles: robotic vehicles- undersntaidn the cars surroundings and navigating without any human inptu. Pros: greater safety, less collisions, increased quality of life, less congestion
· The authomotive indiustries push in the direction of autnomous, electric and share vechicles are maginified by three factors:
· connectivity: people want to be connected integration of telematics inthe vehicles
· chaing consumer profile and behaviors: increased finaical constraints- uber
· China’s increasing relevance,28 million vehicles sold in 2016.
· Chinese governments leapfrog strategy for the automotive industry
· To become a leader, Daimler had to transform itself. 2016 was the best year for Daimler in more tan 130 years.
· Daimler aimds to lead in all four aiers – connectivity, autonomous, sharing and electric.
· Connectivity – operating system that mirrored the driver’s pone- once the pone was plugged into the vehicle, the dashoard screen proected its display. Mercedes ME- user interfsace- software that could locate parking spaces, abilotu to lock and uluck vechicle and visualize fuel from smatphone.
· Autonomous: not only self-drive, but also solve major consumer pain points – refuling and car washing. By 2021 – mappint data and location services. – get independent from services like Goofle Maps
· Shared: Car2go, took over the mytaxi
· Electric: launch more tan ten electric vehicles by 2022. Evetuanlly be able to offer an all-electric versión of all its models. The biggest challenge is the challenge, not the engineering standpoint. Developing proprietary production capacity for lithium-ion batteries.
· It gave no indication that would be a smooth ride, they were dealing with fundamental challenges in culture and structure and aggresive competition.
· Culture and people
· Need for new talents and skills – rely increasingly on Young employees
· Socioeconomic impacts and labor unions- Germany’s protective labor laws- with new technologies,...

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