HCA Organization Overview Essay

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Section I: Current Company Operations
Financial Aspects
HCA provides a community report by division each year on each hospital in that division. Palms West Hospital had the following financial information available in the 2013 Community Report.
Number of License Beds 204
Total Annual Admissions 12,378
Total Annual ER Visits 47,092
Total Patients Treated 83,109
Salaries, Wages, Benefits $73,179,886
Taxes Paid $6,663,012
(HCA East Florida, 20414)
Financial and Operating Revenue for the 4th Quarter of 2013 for HCA Holdings include:
• Revenues totaled at $8.863 billion
• Net Income total at $424 million
• Adjusted EBITDA was at $1.714 billion
• Cash flows from operating were at $1.226 billion
Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2013 indicated
• Cash equivalents of $414 million
• Total debt of $28.376 billion
• Total Assets $28.831 billion
• Capital expenditures $596 million
• Net cash $1.226 billion
(HCA, 2014)
Tenet offers the same public information on Financial and Balance Sheet information based on financial quarters.
Financial and Operating revenue for 4th Quarter of 2013
• Revenue $3.885 billion
• Net Income $14 million
• EBITDA $1.8 billion
Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2013
• Cash equivalents $113 million
• Total debt $1.5 billion
• Total expenditures $247 million
• Net cash $1.6 billion
(Tenet, 2014)
Organizational Hierarchy and Structure
Most hospitals including HCA have a board of directors and offices that oversee the Hospital Corporation followed by a vertical organizational structure of executives where the chief executive officer see’s to the various day-to-day operations of a specific hospital. Many times hospital chief executive officers share the responsibility with various other high ranking staff such as chief nursing officers, chief medical officers, chief information officers, chief financial officers and chief operating officers that department administrators report to. Department administrators are accountable for one type of functional service within a hospital. Patient Care Managers from each department communicate to a department administrators. Many times Patient Care Managers have active participation with patient care and will supervise alongside subordinates and handle circumstances that arise in the care of patients. The largest portion of the connection to patients is service providers who are your nurses, physical therapists, custodians, and line-cooks. They have specific set of job descriptions and job duties that they perform (Feigenbaum, 2014).
Human Resources
HCA has several hospital location is Palm Beach County that make...

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