Hd Tv Over Ip Networks Essay

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HDTV over IP Networks

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
About CBN     1
HDTV Integration     2
Area Researched     3
Technology Involved     5
System Architecture     5
Implementation     6
Future Trends     8
Future Products     8
Companies Involved     10
Regulatory Issues     11
“Dual Carriage” and Multicast Requirement     11
“Must Carry” Requirement     11
Global Implications     11
Technology     12
Data Size and Bandwidth     12
Cost and Fees     12
The HDTV Advantage     13
References     14


About CBN

Century Broadcast Networks, CBN, is a premiere home entertainment television network with five distinctly different channels. Each channel has its own unique name, most channels use the CBN name, and one in particular uses an entire different name. Each channel is maintained at a separate geographic location called broadcasting stations. Each five different broadcasting stations “Channels” have a structured content to them. Meaning CBN supplies different channels to different market segments. According to FCC laws each network must have a family station with all there other broadcasting stations. CBN has that and much more.
The five stations include CBN, which is an exclusive channel. We are a local Television Network; our four biggest competitors include FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC. On this channel you will find, sitcoms, your local news, sports, nation news, Saturday morning cartoons, movies, and some paid programming. CBNN, which stands for Century Broadcast Networks News, is devoted to give the nation the most unbiased news possible. It stands as being one of the most balanced and unique news station around. Another station is CBNF, which stand for, Century Broadcast Network Family. This channel is devoted to the family; here you will find cartoons and other family friendly shows. CBNVG is devoted on the information of video games, hence the “VG” of CBNVG. This channel you will find all sorts of information on your favorite system, games, and all other forms of knowledge in the video game world. As for the last channel, here you will find our only station that doesn’t use the CBN trademark. It’s called AEE; it stands for adult entertainment extreme. This channel is not for kids, and we will just leave it at that.

HDTV Integration

Century Broadcasting Network has thousands of shareholders which we have pledged to continually strive to provide the highest quality of television programming at the lowest possible cost. This ensures that ROI’s are profitable...

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