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We are in the midst of an era where communication and people connection is driving change and the way business is performed. There is significant growth in data driven technologies and this was possible by an increase in infrastructure and network technology supporting wider bandwidth. The next-generation network coverage is very efficient with its accessibility round the clock. This together with the latest Smartphone is providing users with quality connection alongside mobility.
HD Voice has been the next step in voice clarity and quality in telephony systems which has contributed to better end user experience.
High Definition Voice, also known as Wideband Audio refers to the next generation audio for telephony systems. This has improved voice quality as compared to the traditional digital telephone. It uses standard codecs such as G.722 and G.722.2 to accurately reproduce end user voice in the natural setting by covering a wide range of frequencies. The traditional narrowband services have a frequency range of 300HZ to 3400HZ whereas HD offers a range of 50HZ to 7000HZ. The image presented below illustrates the HD Voice frequency range.
HD voice enhances acoustical elements on phones, reduces noise and other variations and enriches voice quality. Distinguishing syllables such as “s, f, c, e, d” is much easier on HD voice. Operators of voice based services can differentiate their services on both mobile and fixed terminal networks such as GSM, UMTS, LTE, CDMA 2000, etc. Further, the operators can use the standard industry logo to capture more audience for their services.

One of the prime factors supporting the operators’ case for the introduction of HD is the users’ response to the new technological feature. The report presented below is an excerpt from a white paper of Ericsson indicating the users’ reactions to HD voice.

Customers have given a very high score for using HD enabled devices.
HD plays a key role in continued use of voice by offering value to both operators and end users. Listed below are few reasons HD Voice is making inroads into the current market.
a) Longer talk time with HD Voice: Users are more comfortable making longer calls due to improved services and reduced fatigue. Calls can now be made from a crowded marketplace or a noisy theater with much ease due to better reception and voice quality. HD Voice has increased revenues for operators who can attract larger subscribers.
b) HD Voice supports healthy market competition: The communication services industry has other players alongside the traditional operators providing voice services. For example, Skype, GoogleTalk has numerous users who use the internet media to interact amongst people. HD voice has created a platform for equal competition for operators to compete with the providers of Skype and GoogleTalk. Operators can now offer better quality service with a strong pricing plan in place.
c) HD Voice -...

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