Hdl Coder Implementation For Luo Rudy Phase 1 Excitation Modeling

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This paper presents the study of non-linear dynamic of cardiac excitation based on Luo Rudy Phase I (LR-I) model towards numerical solutions of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) responsible for cardiac excitation on FPGA. As computational modeling needs vast of simulation time, a real-time hardware implementation using FPGA could be the solution as it provides high configurability and performance. For rapid prototyping, the MATLAB Simulink offers a link with the FPGA which is an HDL Coder that capable to convert the MATLAB Simulink blocks into Very High Description Language (VHDL) and through an FPGA-in-the-loop, simulation for FPGA implementation can be done. Here, MATLAB Simulink successfully simulates the LR-I of excitation model for software simulations. Towards real-time simulation, the HDL Coder function will be used for the FPGA hardware implementation. Cardiac excitation controls the mechanical contractions of the cells through the cardiac excitation-contraction coupling mechanism and controlled by inflow and outflow of transmembrane currents through various types of ion channels. However, the abnormalities of cardiac excitation known as cardiac arrhythmias can occur and could lead to abnormal contraction of cardiac muscle and preventing the heart to pump blood efficiently and can cause fatal risk [1-3].
In the past few decades, the experimental studies are generally preferable [3]. Although this approach is more preferable but experimental studies have the limitations such as quantity of variables for monitoring need high-resolution data in investigating larger preparations and high cost. Meanwhile, modeling techniques for a computer simulation are not associated with such problems [3].Therefore, many electrical and mechanical heart models have been developed such as FitzHugh-Nagumo model [4], Noble Purkinje [5], Beeler and Reuter [6], Luo Rudy Phase 1 (LR-I) and Luo Rudy Phase–II Model [7-10] in order to model the action potential (AP) of the heart through the simulations method. As the time flies the models become more advance and very complex since number of variables parameters increased in order to represent the cellular process in more detail. Thus, the simulations also cause a new problem which is need more amount of computations in order to obtain the good results from the simulation [1]. Next, the hardware-implementation is the best solution to overcome the problems when dealing with the simulations method. The hardware implementation of the cardiac mathematical model that has been developed is hybrid hardware of analog and digital by using electronic circuits and dsPIC30f4011 microcontroller. This hybrid model encounter with some problems which are have to deal with the noise, limited input and output voltage range and gain. In addition, the hardware has been designed also big in size and high power consumption [1].
Therefore, the aim of this study to develop hardware-implemented cell models for Luo-Rudy phase I (LR-I)...

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