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He City Of Karachi In Pakistan

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The City of Karachi in Pakistan

The biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi is the center of education and visual scencnary of different land marks. It’s located in the most southern tip of the country. Karachi has a reputation of having wonderful houses and big restaurants. The main focus of the city is religious education in terms of schooling and implementing religious values in the heart of people.

Karachi has many religious schools known as madrasas and over three young boys ranging from ages 5 to 20 studies and memorizes the scriptures of the holy Quran. The main goal of the people is to educate the younger ones to become religious scholars. The people of Karachi look to religion as the main pillar in their lives and worth to make the country more ethical. The city Karachi also attracts other students of madrasas from different countries.

When one approaches the city of Karachi already the signs of religion are displayed. The people are mostly poor but there is a substantial amount who are rich and who give to others. The people who inhabit the city mostly focus on religious means and the poor one rely on begging for money and the only source of survival.
The physical composition of Karachi is very beautiful. There are many areas that are completely clean and I have personally been there seven years ago. I saw many big building and beautiful restaurants. There is, however many other places in Karachi which have poverty and are not stable. Karachi for the most part is poor but the rich do care and give back to the less needy ones.

Karachi has many different features that separate it from other cities in Pakistan. The religious education is just one of the separating factors. Karachi also has the most literate people more than all the other cities. It is also known to have the most variety of languages spoken in the country than in any other city. The most places of worship or mosques are in Karachi. Also Karachi is the most friendly and cooperative than people from different cities.

The way I interpret the things that I see or hear is by experience. Most of the things that I have seen in Karachi in terms of poverty I have experienced in my country Venezuela. I hear many people talking about religion and being more active in...

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