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Head Of Poseidon/ Antigonus Iii Doson Art History 1380 Visual Analysis Essay

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Mohammed Ali
Art History 1380
February 18, 2018
Pr. Judith Steinhoff
Visual Analysis of the Head of Poseidon / Antigonos Doson
The artwork I examined was the Head of Poseidon / Antigonos Doson, a life-sized three-dimensional sculpture that is the head of an elderly bearded man with long hair. I assume it is around ten inches in height, seven inches in width, and possibly a foot in length. My first impressions are that it appears to be Greek, since the man’s face reminiscent of the artworks produced by that culture. In addition, judging by the material used, which is bronze, the technique used to make this piece would most likely be bronze casting. The sculpture is hollow as well, where one could peer into the interior of the face through the eyes, the slightly opened mouth, the broken neck, and the other holes and cracks caused by damage. I could hypothesize that since the neck is broken, the sculpture was not initially intended to be just a head, but an entire body. This could possibly explain why there is a bit of a tilt in the remaining neck portion and why the head seems to be moving forward because of it.
I first closely examined the sculpture’s face at an eye to eye level. It has a dark greenish gray complexion with a few discolored portions across the face, which are most noticeable around the left nostril and cheek. I can assume it has a rusted and rough texture due to rusting and damage. It also has some minor imperfections, such as scratches, at the tip of the nose. The face looks to be symmetrical, with a prominent sharp nose, full lips and drooped eyes. The facial structure also looks oblong, having prominent cheek bones. I conclude this sculpture is of an elderly man since there is the existence of wrinkles across his face. The most obvious wrinkles are on the forehead, above the eyebrows, and around the root of the nose bridge. There are also large eyebags seen under the drooped eyes. The eyes are hooded as well, leaving minimal space between the thick eyebrows, the eyelids, and the eyes themselves. Other visible wrinkles are the two present between both lower cheeks and the opposite sides of the mustache, where the wrinkles finely separate them and wrap around both nostrils and fade. There is also a bit of a furrow of the brows shown through the small curved dents at the root of the nose. The face has no apparent deformities, possibly indicating an idealistic representation of the human face through both the shape of the nose and fullness of the lips. However, naturalistic features are shown as well through the wrinkles and the beard.
The second aspect I closely examined was the hair, which seems to be long in length. I organize it into four sections: the bangs, the sides, the top, and the back. The bangs are somewhat symmetrical, and are split right in the middle. Like the rest of the hair, including the eyebrows, it is wavy...

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