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Athletes put their bodies to the test. Strict diets and tough workouts that are designed to push their bodies to the limits. Athletes do insane things to be the best at what they do. Soccer players go through extreme measures to be the fastest, toughest, and most technical on the field. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. In America soccer is becoming increasingly more popular every year. Soccer is played with almost no protection except for a six inch shin guard that is supposed to protect ones shin. Soccer is a so different from other sports because there is no head gear for soccer. In the game of soccer one can get hit in the head by another players head, fall on the ground, or even purposely head the ball. Concussions can occur in so many different ways in soccer. Concussions are serious because it causes damage to the brain. There are new rules stating that if a player in any sport gets three concussions then they will have to stop playing sports. There have been tests set for athletes to take to watch for concussions but is this enough to really make a difference? Athletes lie so they can play in the next game and computer programs can be wrong but watching athletes more closely is important. This is why I believe that concussions should be taken more seriously and monitored more closely.
The article “Protect the Keeper From Concussions” the author Anna Cassell stated, “Women playing college soccer suffer 1.8 concussions per 1000 games.” When it was compared to women’s basketball and softball the amount of concussions per game was more than those two sports combined. In the article the amount of concussions was also compared to high school football and the amount was still 0.25 higher than football where they go head to head helmet to helmet. Soccer could be more dangerous than football but every sport has its price to play. Soccer players risk their brains to head a ball kicked by the other team’s goalie just to gain possession. There is not an official way to stop soccer players from getting concussions but there are tests to help detect them.
The ImPACT test is a computerized neuropsychological test. These tests have one memorize words like house, spoon, cat, and truck. Other tests include counting down from thirty rapidly, matching shapes, and deciding if a shape is blue or red. This test is supposed to be done as quickly and as correct as one could possibly get it. Some problems with this test can be falsifying results meaning athletes taking extra-long time to answer questions and the test never really changes and taking the same test over again could mean one could do better when a concussion occurs. I have taken the impact test five times. When I got a concussion, from playing soccer. I had all of the symptoms. I was nauseous, had frequent headaches, and light an sound bothered me. When I took the ImPACT test I knew what to do and how to pass. : I had already take the test three times...

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