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Heading Towards A "Robocalypse” Essay

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“A true AI [artificial intelligence] would have immense economic potential, and when money is at stake, safety issues get put aside until real problems develop—at which time, of course, it may already be too late” (Sotala). The development of artificial intelligence technology has grown concern from society to whether or not it would be beneficial for the world as a whole. Artificial intelligence is known as artificial beings, or “robots”, that have a human-like intelligence. The use of this technology would cause more problems than solutions. However, many individuals believe that the use of artificial intelligence would bring positive results. Despite its potential, artificial intelligence technology would not be beneficial for society because human intelligence is hard to mimic, it would cause a threat to mankind and decrease jobs.
Although in the end, artificial intelligence would not be beneficial, many believe that the benefits would be rewarding. One positive use of robots is that they could be programmed to fight in wars. It is believed that by 2015, missions can make use of the robots in the armed forces (Vesely). The development of robotic soldiers may be able to reduce the death toll and save many lives. What many individuals do not understand is that robots are emotionless and should not be trusted to make life or death decisions. AI technology surpasses human intelligence when it comes to calculations among other things, but what makes humans more intelligent than other mammals is the ability to think and emote to situations, which robots cannot do. Another advantage to using artificial intelligence is using it for space exploration. Losing a robot in space, at worst, would only lose money. If a human were to be lost in space, a life would be lost (Levinson). However, it would be very difficult to program these machines. As a whole, humans are unaware of the mistakes robots can make. Robots are not perfect and could misinterpret reports that would jeopardize the entire experiment all because of a simple programming error. If used right, artificial intelligence technology could be beneficial. However, humans undermine the faults with the technology, which makes it unreliable.
Robots would not be beneficial because of how hard it is to mimic human intelligence. There are at least eight definitions of “artificial intelligence” which causes proving intelligence very difficult (Russell). One issue with acknowledging how intelligent a computer can be was that results of the experiment used were unreliable. The “Turing Test”, conducted by Alan Turing in 1950, was used to test how human-like artificial intelligence machines acted. In the Turing Test, judges were to have a conversation with a computer and then identify if they were talking to an actual human or a machine. One fault with the experiment was that the judges were only to score the terminal if they believed it were a computer (Halpern). As a result, the two human terminals were...

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