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The news the week January 18, 1990 was that of headline makers. Driving Miss Daisy, staring Morgan Freeman, was a major movie hit during the Christmas holiday and the New Year. The blockbuster Tremors, staring Kevin Bacon, was released on January 19, 1990. The first artificial heart was recalled by the FDA due to its serious defects. A major court case in Boston, Massachusetts gained national attention. The United States and Britain were declared to have a flu epidemic. The weather in the south was that of record highs. According to the Chicago Tribune, on the January 17, 1990 the temperature in Huntsville, Alabama reached 71 degrees.
Driving Miss Daisy, a film adaptation of a play, stared Morgan Freeman as Hoke and Jessica Tandy as Miss Daisy. The superficial layer of this film tended to lacking spark. The movie revolved around Miss Daisy and Hoke, who was hired by Daisy’s son to be a chauffeur. It was the movies underlying meaning that earned this movie its Oscar nominations. The film depicted the unusual relationship that developed between an elderly Jewish woman and an older black male. The beginning of the film was set during a time in which both African Americans and individuals of Jewish religion were discriminated against. The movie then progressed into a time period in which African Americans began to fight for their rights. Miss Daisy even attended a conference that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke at. Neither realized that they had so much in common due to the discrimination against them. However, the two developed a great relationship despite this lack of knowledge. The movie was a box office hit and it went on to win four Oscars, including Jessica Tandy winning best address in a leading role ( Travers, “Holiday”).
The blockbuster Tremors staring, Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross, and Reba McEntire was released the day after I was born. The movie revolved around a small town that was suddenly suffered from disappearances, deaths, and attacks on livestock. Gigantic worms that came from seemingly nowhere began to terrorize the small town of perfection. The only chance the small town had was the unlikely heroes Val (Bacon) and Earl (Ward), the local handy men that would do just about anything for some cash. With the help of the war crazed and paranoid survivalist Bert Gummer (Gross) and his wife Nancy (McEntire), they were able to overcome the giant monsters. The movie was a large success thanks to its special effects. The special effects were ingenious because they went in a different direction of the time. Most movies during this time were focused on using computer-generated images but Tremors made life-sized figures especially built for the movie. These gigantic worms were also robotic, making them seem more life like. The combination of great actors, a new and intriguing story line, and one of a kind effects made the movie huge for its time (Schickel).
The FDA recalled the first artificial heart during the week of January...

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